Electrical Stock Harness or Engine Management Unit?

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  1. Ahead of time sorry for the kinda long read...........

    I just picked up a 94 V6 stang to began my build with for a killer steal, I had a LS2 to put in it but someone came and offered me money I couldnt refuse for my setup so now I am putting a 4.6 2V in the car. Of course some of you older stangnet members remember I had a 98 GT that I was going to put a 04 PI Motor in that I aquired when I worked as a tech at a Ford Dealership, well as you may remember I traded the car for a Drag 89 Fox and have been sick ever since.
    Because of this I have a very nice 04 4.6 Block with 10,000 miles on it still sitting on a engine stand in my garage since.... My question is since the car I am putting the motor in was a sixer and I have a 04 GT wiring harness but not computer would it be easier to just use that or order a FAST Engine Management System MSD, or any other brand? My only other question is I only have the engine harness for the PI Motor, so how would a tuner be able to tune the car with no OBDII port to hook to the harness? It maybe a dumb question but before I start to tackle this problem I am trying to get my ducks in a row before I began.

    My plans for the motor are H/C/Kenne Bell so which do I do to help in the long run?

    Again Thanks!
  2. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but there are quite a few tie in's to other systems with the stock computer. Things like your speedo (maybe only 99+ cars), auto transmission (if applicable) and cooling fans are controlled by the stock computer, so they will need some sort of control. All of these can be solved with an aftermarket computer, but it can add some extra work/cost. I don't have any experience with the FAST system or others, but it seems like they are pretty easy to get running. I wouldn't expect the same level of control or refinement that the OEM computer would offer. As for tuning with these aftermarket systems, there is usually a USB or serial type connector to connect a laptop. The programming will usually be more streightforward and easier to understand than the ford OBD coding.

    I didn't really give any recommendations, but maybe some of the differences will help you decide. Personally, I would just start with a v8 car instead of trying to swap everything into a v6 car. GTs aren't that expensive now, and it would save you a LOT of work and frustration.
  3. thanks bhuff30 for the reply bud, like before I got the car because I was originally going to do a LS2 swap and I need a 95 or below stang because of emmisons here in Charlotte. Since i sold the LS2 i love the SN95's so of course I was going to keep it. I am not going to be using factory style gauges or anything in the car I am doing the full autometer gauge swap, so that should be a problem. Right now I am just concentrating on getting the motor running. The car will be straight drive so that shouldn't be a problem also.... If anyone can help or see potential problems I will face please let me know

    Thanks Again