Exhaust Stock Headers Vs Aftermarkets

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  1. I'm wondering what benifit there is in replacing the stock headers on the 5.0 with aftermarket headers. According to the Ford engineers, the stock headers add 6hp and 15ft/lbs of torque. Is there an aftermarket header out their that has a marked increase in numbers that make sense in replacing the stocks? Given that replacing the stocks, you'd have to add on to the already good numbers of the stock headers, I would not want to replace the stock headers just to gain a few hp/torque over the stocks. Is there a real advantage out their or no?:shrug:
  2. From what I have reading, only if you go long tube headers. And if I end-up going this route I am going to get ARH headers. Ford, Chevy and Dodge use them on their factory drag cars.
  3. Agreed with Clair, the only benefit would be going to long tube header system which improve exhaust scavenging. If you decide to go long tube and you choose ARH we sell them 5% less then MSRP and free ground shipping. PM me if you have any further questions.
  4. Long tubes will give you more, but just be cautious that long tubes are a pain in the ass to install. It took me 2 days to get it all done with a lift.
  5. This is the best set of LT's ... I wish they were mine.

  6. I remember reading in Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords evaluating the Coyote engine. They said alot of engineering went into the stock headers. Unless you go LT or add major power, why try and beat the factory resources?
  7. This is just my opinion: the stock tri-y headers are pretty good & I just don't think LT-headers would be worth the money spent unless your are adding alot of power via supercharging or running nitrous. If you're going to stay naturally aspirated, I say save the money and put it towards another mod. Good luck on whatever you decide!
  8. I disagree, Long tube headers on a 5.0L (good ones not the cheap Chinese brands) will give you 20-30HP across the RPM band with a good tune. Long tubes aren't really needed in cases where you SC a car for example nice to have but you net a lot more power NA
  9. Very interesting post. I had the same doubt.
    If I chose to go the way of Long Tube Header on a NA 5.0 (maybe I might install the ProCal tune, to stay under warranty), what additional parts do I need to replace or can I just replace only the header without any other change?. By the way, I will like to keep the Catalytic Converters. Which will it be the benefits with this change, instead of my stock Headers (with or without the tune)?
  10. Why wouldn't the off shore brands give you just as much power as the US built ones? Most of the off shore brands are based off the same design anyway? While I agree that the quality may not be there in some cases, I haven't seen anything yet that would prove to me that they're any lesser performing?

    Example....the Chinese made OBX headers seem to be all the rage right now. I've gone through many, many forums of various car manufactures with mostly positive comments regarding their quality, fit and performance, yet they cost a fraction of what the big name brands do. Are they of the highest quality....probably not when it comes right downto the nitty gritty. I'm sure you do get what you pay for in that department to some degree, but I can't for the life of me understand why Coyote headers are double and even triple the price that previous generation OHC and OHV headers are. These North American manufactures can't turn around and hit the customer for the R&D the way they do and not expect to lose out to the other guy. Not everyone can justify spending $1,200 on a set of headers and I think that's why these off shore manufacturers are giving the US brands such a run for their money?
  11. Of course that it's why the are giving brands like ARH a run for their money. When they don't have to do any of the research or front any of the related costs of that research. It a shame that people are rewarding off shore knockoffs with their money.

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  12. Yeah, yeah...there's a big difference between recouping R&D costs and price gouging. You honestly think the R&D on a set of Coyote headers justifies a 60-80% price hike over what the off shore brands are asking?

    Expecting a marginal/fair increase for paying American manufacturing costs is one thing...but asking $1,600 for a set of headers, then expecting people to eat it and smile is quite another. It's not like header design has changed drastically over the years. Calculate primary diameter, plus length, collector design/location based on displacement, etc = success. The same formula has been used for decades when designing headers.

    I honestly believe many US manufactures try to capitalize on the “Made in America” stamp to justify their unreasonable cost hike, then attempt to categorize all off shore manufactured products as low quality junk to shame you into buying their inflated product…and it’s just not gonna fly with a lot of folks.
  13. ARH is probably the best your going to get, and your going to pay for it. But, there are plenty of reasonably priced options out there. Kooks, and Pypes come to mind and they are reasonably priced.
    I don't buy American just to buy American, I drove an Acura Integra for twelve years because I wasn't a fan of the domestic cars.

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  14. The cost of the U.S. manufacturer really isn't R&D, it's top quality materials so it's the only header set you need to buy for the vehicle and it's for top notch labor (atleast speaking about ARH) each set is hand built, Chinese crap is stamped out on an assembly line like a fender that's why there are threads on this and plenty other forums of fitment issues.
  15. Actually no, I won't.

    Again...manufacturer location, doesn't guarantee Quality. Mac, Hooker/Holly, BBK, Pacesetter, Granatelli, etc, etc all "American Based" companies, and all have quality control issues.

    On the other hand, I've not heard of a single issue with the OBX headers. Those who own them seem very happy with them? :shrug:

    Not saying some of the off shore stuff isn't junk, just like the same can't be said for all domestic stuff being top notch. Just saying that making blanketed statements lumping parts into categories based on where they were manufactured is inaccurate and silly at best.
  16. If you want to buy obx, knock yourself out. If I go the header route, I'm going with kooks, good price, great reputation and great product.

    Ease up on the militant Walmart cheapest is best attitude. Dodge, Chevy and Ford use ARH for their factory drag cars. It would stand to reason that they would do that for a good reason. I read a great article about the development of the CJ, ARH was very involved. I don't think that obx can say the same. I personally like to support business that support racing.
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  17. lol....who's being militant? I propose that you don't have to go out and spend $1,600 on a set of headers, or necessarily buy something with "Made in the USA" stamped all over it to walk away satisfied?

    And no, I can't say the same about OBX. But since you brought it up, a quick search shows that they do their due diligence in race sponsorship as well....although theirs is worldwide. Not restricted to North America.

    In any case, I think you kind of missed the point of my comment. My comment wasn't to pit one against the other. Merely to remind people that off shore doesn't always mean junk, and Made in American doesn't always mean quality. I'd suggest to anyone to take the time, to do their research before making the call and not read too much into blanketed internet statements.

    On a related issue....I've personally got a set of BBK LT's. A good American Made header....that has fitment issues the same as any and loves to BBQ starters.
  18. Yeah, I've read quite a but about fitment issues with bbk. That is why they are off my list. You know of course you are the only one who is mentioning the made in the USA thing. I'm not that worried about it. I prefer it, but it isn't a deal breaker.

    Buy what you want, get what makes you happy. If getting the best deal makes you happy, get the cheapest knockoff that you can find and be happy :)

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  19. You are very correct Gearbanger, even though you are from Canada. Just kidding. I have had issues with US made mid pipes not fitting also.