Suspension Stock K member question?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Beau Granbois, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. I'm doing a 5.0 swap on a 2.3 lx. I was wondering if I'm going to need to get a V8 k member or if the stock 4 cyl k member will work? Also if I do need a V8 k member, will the k member out of a Mark VII work? I've got a complete donor Mark VII that I can tear apart if I need to. Thanks
  2. The 87-93 4 cylinder and 8 cylinder K-members are the same. The 4 cylinder just has adapter plates for the motor mounts.
  3. 4-cyl K-members are the same as pre-'88 V8 K-members in virtually every regard. But starting in '88, the V8 K-member A-arm mounting points moved one inch outboard. If you install a 4-cylinder K-member in an '88-up V8, the front track will end up an inch narrower and you'll lose a lot of negative camber, unless you also install SN95 A-arms. So it's not accurate to say that they're all the same.
  4. Good to know MFE. Wasn't aware of the a-arm mounting differences.
  5. Ok, well the Mustang is a '90 4 cyl and the donor car is a '91 Mark VII. Will I have any problems putting the engine into the mustang? Structurally are the K members the same? Same strength? I was wanting to get a tubular K member for it, but its not really in my budget right now. Basically I'm wondering if I can get away with installing the V8 in the 4 cyl car without any issues? Thanks for the info guys
  6. I think what he was saying is that you can use the 4banger K-member as it. It will work. The issue with suspension geometry being off is when swapping K-members from one car to the other.

    A 5.0 will bolt onto a 4-banger K-member. It's been done plenty of times.

    You will need a new transmission crossmember though. Mark 7 wont work and the 4-banger one won't allow for dual exhaust. Sure you already knew that though
  7. Dang 5L5, your pretty helpful. Yea, I knew about the crossmember. Already ordered a dbl hump from mustangs umlimited. I was just wondering about the k member. I've been reading that most aftermarket k members can actually weaken the front end. And I dont have the mooney right now to go with a mm or griggs. Just wanted to makes sure that I would be able to use the k member before I pull the 5.0. Thanks for all of your help. Im sure I'll be getting more knowledge from you. Oh, one more thing. Its off the subject but I new to the site and wanted to start a build thread. How do I go about doing that? Thanks again.
  8. You mean a Progress thread of your work?

    Just start your own thread in "5.0 Talk" and keep adding to it. Once it gets mature you can have it added to the master thread of progress builds that is floating around on this site somewhere.