Mach 1 Stock Mach 1 Vs stock LS1

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  1. I have tried and triend to find this info but all i find is :bs: , my question is, stock for stock whats faster, LS1 or the Mach 1?

  2. Sorry to disappoint, but the GM product is both quicker and faster. 305 hp Mach 1 vs 330 hp (underrated) LS1. If you talk auto LS1 and manual Mach 1, then it will be closer...put some gears on the Mach1 and things should get very note, drivers can influence a different outcome, but same driver in both cars...LS1 is hands down the better performer...but I would still own the Mach1 any day of the wk and twice on Sunday... :nice:
  3. It'd be a close race but the LS1 is still faster. I'd still rather have a Mach 1 though :nice:
  4. It's a drivers race I've beaten late model fbodies on the street (one to 125mph). The Mach flat hooks its power and has the gears for the 1/4 mile. My 305hp is putting 280hp to the rear wheels, the 02 Z28 (best year) dynoed the same day 299hp. So it's a drivers race. Top end the Fbody makes more HP but how many times do you run up to 150mph+?

    The guy that owns the dyno has a WS6 that dyno at 309hp but his best time is 13.5 because he can't hook his power and the clutch they put in the 2000 on down. They upgraded to the vette clutch in 01 from what I understand.
    He had a lid and minor exhaust work, Low 13's to mid 13's are well in the range of the Mach so if your question is 1/4 mile it's a drivers race but the stoplight or the 1/8 mile I'd take the Mach everytime stock for stock.
  5. Is the Mach 1 305 hp not (underrated) as well :bang:

    I believe there has been some Machs showing as much as 297 at the rear wheels. :nice:
  6. That's very true, A guy from OKC had a dyno on his car at 1k (264RWHP) and after 8500 he dynoed this time at 287RWHP. My car only had 2500 miles on it these engines seem to loosen up starting around 2k and continue to about 5k miles. I wish I had put in mobile 1 a bet I'd been close to 285, I usually pick up a mile a gallon when I use it but I do start putting it in until 5k miles or so for breakin.
  7. Hey ttown,

    Question for ya. Have you ever noticed a rattle coming from the motor when your not pulling, and when your not coasting?
    Ya know right where theres no load on it.

    Mine has done this from day one. Really noticable up till it reaches normal temp.

    I thought maybe a throwout bearing, but the sound dont change by moving the clutch pedal.
    I need to take someone who knows dohc's better for a ride I guess.

  8. No mine doesn't have that issue and haven't heard of anyone having that poblem. I just have the pass. seat sqeek and one of my groments was missing off my shaker and had to get it replaced.
  9. Well Im going to take the dealers mechanic for a ride thursday after they replace my p/s pump.
    Maybe he can shed some light on it.
  10. I agree with ttown.
  11. I just traded my 2001 6spd SS

    for my Mach1. When I just got it with 40 miles it felt tight and I thought my SS was faster but now that I have a couple of thousand miles on the Mach it is just as fast if not a little faster than my SS.
  12. the LS1 is a .1 or .2 faster than the Mach 1, but from what i understand, the Mach 1 is easier to drive. the Mach has a better suspension and less weight while the LS1 has more power and an extra gear. just like ttown said, drivers race.
  13. Granted the Mach 1 is a 4 valver, the part that amazes me is the fact that it has 1.1 less liters of displacement and is even close to running with the bigger engined F-body. That's what makes the new 3v 4.6 even more exciting, I'm waiting to see if Ford can do more with less. Too bad GM killed of the F-body though. :nonono:
  14. drivers race.

    Also consider that LS1 motors seem to vary greatly on power. Some LS1s put down 280 @ the wheels and some put 310. Crazy fluctuations.

    I have raced several LS1 cars and I have beat them all except the heavily modded ones. My best 1/4 mile time is 13.47 @ 104.5

    I just added an off road h pipe and Nitto DRs. I plan on a few more mods soon.

    I went from a 97 Cobra to this car. This car has alot more torque and pulls hard up top. I can't wait to get gears. My Cobra w/ 4.10s was a monster.

    I am dynoing tomorrow and bringing my buddy with his 2000 SS. I want same day , same temp comparisons. He ran 13.50s @ 103.5 on different day then me.

    I got this car because I have less catch up (if any) to compete with LS1 cars.
    Granted the LS1 cars are easy to mod and respond really well to mods.
  15. 5.0 mustang got a stock 03 Mach 1 to run a 13.19, and the my friend has a stock 2002 WS6 and he only ran a 13.9 with Nitto D/R's. LS1's are not easy to mod by the way, they already have some of the best heads on them stock, and you know how expensive headers are for the car and the the cost to have someone put them in?! Mustangs take MUCH better to mods than these do. O and I saw a blown WS6 at the track only run a 12.2 which isn't impressive at all.
  16. I went to the track for the first time last sunday. I ran 13.6. There was a guy with a Z28 LS1 with a LID and cat back and his best time was 13.8. I also saw a black TA LS1 run 14.0 and 14.1.
    I think the 20 HP differece is more than offset by the Mach's lighter weight, better suspension, and lower gear ratio. Everbody says it's a driver's race, but on the street, the Mach usually wins even against lightly modded LS1's.
  17. I am not sure there is that much power difference between the 2.

    I dyno'd this Saturday and put down: 293.4 RWHP & 315.2 RWTQ.

    My 03 Mach 1 has 3800 miles with only mods being off road H pipe and K&N drop in filter.

    The power range on the dyno for 6 mach 1s was anywhere between 281 RWHP to 313 RWHP for a long tube and full exhaust with no other mods.

    I own a Mach 1 and I was surprised by the numbers.

    ALSO: LS1s are easy to mod. The free mods get 10 RWHP. A lid and catback can easily make those things run.

    Note they vary greatly between car to car. I used to race them all the time in my 97 Cobra. I would spank some and then toatlly walked on by the next.

    I am by no means a LS1 fan, but I respect the power. I am a fan of the 03 Cobra. :hail2:
  18. I'm not sure what's wrong with the LS1s in your areas but I have a couple of friends with minimal mods that run friends auto 02 WS6 with lid and catback runs 12.8 - 13.0 @ 106-108 and so does another friends 6sp z28 and a couple suspension parts. That's it. :shrug:
  19. What does ur Mach run Catman?

    You should be close to the 12s.

    I just Dynoed my 03 Mach with off road H pipe and K&N drop in and got 293 RWHP.

    Stock I ran 13.47 with bad 60 fts. I should be close next time with traction and the added power.

    Several guys running high 12s with just catbacks around here. They can drive better than me.
  20. I'm waiting for spring time to find out...all the tracks are closed around here now and plus there is snow...but I'm probably not doin anything else except maybe my Tri Ax so I can't wait to go when the weather gets nice again (maybe with a set of DRs as well)...BTW those are some sweet numbers you've got!! :nice: