Mach 1 Stock Mach 1 Vs stock LS1

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  1. I just sold a 02 camaro z28 auto in sept. and the saturday before I sold it I ran a 13.14. The only mods were lid. cat-back, ram air, and lower control arms. With lower control arm F-bodies are very easy to put the power to the ground. On all-season stock tires I could pull 1.9's all day long. The mach is a very fast car and my friends suprised me when it dyno'd 274 with 600 miles. I have to agree thats its a drivers race.
  2. What's lid?
  3. A race between an LS1 F-body & a Mach 1 would be a toss-up if both cars are stock.
    I'm not sure where you get that the LS1 cars are "quicker and faster."

    Some (stock) Mach 1's have run the same times as the fastest (stock) LS1's -
    12.8X - 12.9X - and the Mach 1's 4V is under-rated fwhp-wise from the factory as well.

    Mine dynoed ~ 282 rwhp stock with 700 miles on it, which equals ~ 332 fwhp if you assume a typical 15% driveline loss.
    That's quite a bit higher than the 305 fwhp that Ford says the Mach produces... :D

    Given both these facts, I'm not sure why you would say that the LS1 is "hands down the better performer."
  4. I have seen plenty of MACH 1's & LS1's Run and dyno and I have to say stock for stock the LS1 one on the track averaged 12.8 to 13.3 to the MACH1's 13.4 to 13.6
    with a freak running 13.23 but he had DR...

    As for the Dyno the one producing the highest #s bone stock was the LS1 with a freak 328 RWHP and an average of 315 RWHP

    The Mach 1's on average were putting down 285 RWHP with a best of 301 RWHP

    I dunno where someone got of saying LS1's are hard to modify... that is the lamest comment I have ever heard... LS1's respond to any type of modification... just depends on how much you want to spend

    I have seen both the MACH1 and LS1 run low to mid 12's with ur basic bolt ons. LS1's do hook but not as hard if they add lower control arm brackets and control arms NITTO DR's and they will do some very impressive 60 fts.

    both are great cars and it is good to see that Ford is building cars that can equal the LS1 N/A

    for the most part I have seen LS1's win over the MACH's both street and at the track...just my .02 cents if I was rich I would buy one of each but for now I will have to settle and race them both in my little Notch 357 windsor...
  5. Again, someone please enlighten me, what is a LID?

  6. If you are referring to the lid on the LS1's
    LS1's dont have a long intake tube like the Mustangs they just have a small hose and a box filter right in front of the engine. The factory part a box referred to as the lid the whole assembly is very restrictive because it has a restrictor on it to keep down the noise level. By swapping to an aftermarket LS1's pickup some impressive #'s...

    Just my .02 cents let me know if this helped...
  7. Thanks AROD.....
  8. :nice: Your welcome... by the way very nice car ... a friend of friend of mine has a Mach 1 and put 4.30 gears and a Magnaflow Catback with Matching X-pipe, car sounds badass and is very impressive...

    Drag raced a C5 Vette auto and got him by 3-4 cars... The Vette owner was pleasently surprised...

    Good Luck on your project car.
  9. That's insane.......I can't wait for the gears!!!
  10. just remember to keep us posted on your mods and timeslips... :nice:
  11. I'de say it's pretty much even. It's all in the driver. I've raced two LS1's. One was completly stock Z28 which we were dead even. I'm talking there was never more than half foot diffrence all the way to 100. Then I raced a Ram Air TA with an O/R H and catback with nitto dr's and he jumped me out of the hole half a car and i slowly pulled him in till I passed him at about 115. I was bone stock in both these races.
  12. I am sorry but if the T/A was modded and it got you out of the hole you would of not of been able to catch him... especially if you were stock...he would of kept the lead on you or kept pulling.
  13. Mach Vs. Camaro

    All I have to say is that A stock mach has 355 gears and a stock Z28 has 323. A mach weighs less, and has as much HP as a 2000 Z28. But hey my Z28 stock ran a 13.13 in the 1/4 mile. and I have seen another stock LS1 run a 12.85 in the 1/4 mile. so you all tell me how can it be that a mach has a lot more advantages but is still getting whooped. people who nyou see not running good times on an LS1 is because the driver doesn't know how to drive. With lots of LOVE, A Real Muscle car not a Pony :flag:
  14. So, you want a cookie? But hey, my Mach 1 stock ran a 13.19 in the 1/4 mile, so you want to tell me again how that is getting whooped?


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  15. :owned: :owned:

    I'd say prior to 02, (my friend's 02 Z28 dynoed 328 rwhp with lid and catback...some came with LS6 stuff) the LS1s are a drivers race for the Mach 1. :nice:
  16. THe reason I say that is cuz The Mach have the upper hand, and are supposed to be doing better thats why I say that. Now if the Mah weighed as much as a camaro and had the same gears as a camaro, then it would not be running a 13.19, If can barely run that with gears and light weight, then imagine how much slower it would be if it was even to the Z28. That just shows that no matter who or what has the upper hand, CHEVY ALWAYS COMES OUT ON TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. WTF are you talking about?

    The Mach 1 weighs roughly the same as an LS1 F-body (~ 3350 - 3450lbs),
    and has a slightly better rear gear (3.55 vs 3.42) - it's not like the Mach 1 weighs 2800 lbs & has 4.30's from the factory... :rolleyes:

    So how is it that the Chevy is at a disadvantage?
    Because it has 65 more cubic inches & has 20 - 40 additional rwhp???
  18. I agree, WTF are you talking about? The Mach 1 overcomes the LS1's displacement and hp/tq advantage with gearing, so what? Stock for stock, I'll put a Mach 1 against a Z28 anytime!