Mach 1 Stock Mach 1 Vs stock LS1

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  1. Dang!!! I wish I had gained 30HP from my LID. Seriously though, a LID is good for 10-15HP or so. The rest of the mods look bout right.

    I will say that Ford is on one heck of a roll with their Cobra and their Mach1 and now with the new Mustang coming up. I bought too soon, should have waited a few more years cause now we are smack dab in the middle of a the Muscle Car Wars II. This one will make the 60-70s look like a skirmish!!! :eek:
  2. got two friends with ls1s one stick one auto my times are slow because of the altitude here but here are the numbers stick 14.6 auto 14.7 mach 14.4. the 01 auto ls1 is the only one that has made it to the dyno he put down 306 rwhp he has a lid, lt headers cat back. LS1 dont respond to mods great car stock for a preppy that cant turn a wrench. modded up stang kills um. my 01 snake bbk LT o/r H magnaflow 3.73 C&L steeda under drives bbk tb slicks. ran door to door with his S/C LS1 auto pro charger LT headers and catback. He won 13.74 to my 13.76 but still not impressive. times are slower we are 6000 ft above sea level. but enough said
  3. a blown LS1 would of blown your Mach1 and your modded cobra away. No questions asked and hands down. I am from California riverside to be exact and most mach's and older cobra;s get owned by LS1's around here. average time for mach's around here is 13.5's and what are you talking about LS1's dont respond to mods that is the most ridiculous statement that I Have heard.
  4. Its funny cuz i see bolt-on LS1's(stock heads/stock cam) in the 340-360rwhp range in this area. I dont understand the "they dont respond to mods well". Also, a blown LS1 will usually have no problems handling a PULLIED 03 cobra. All I can say is the LS1 you raced probably had a bad tune...thats the reality.

  5. its a tank....****ty 1st gear
  6. What is? The cobra? What does that have to do with anything? The guy was saying his lightly modded N/A cobra runs with a blown LS1. A Pullied cobra would waste a N/A cobra, and a blown LS1 would murder a N/A cobra.
  7. im trying to get a race set up, my camaro is about 98% stock, only performance mod i have is a lid, and im trying to get a guy at my school with a mach1 to race me. hopefully he will.
  8. I think its a drivers race stock for stock. You will get him off the line but they pull. make sure you shift at 6250 otherwise your out of your power band. And I think he meant working on the ls1 is a pita not that they don't respond well. You have to drop the k member to get to the damn optispark to change a plug.

  9. There is no opti spark in an LS1 because they have coil packs, only in an LT1. In the LT1 all you do is pull the crank balancer off and the water pump to remove the opti.

    I love it when people dont know what they are talking about.
  10. that makes no sense whatsoever. dropping the K memeber for an Opti in an LS1 to get to the optispark to change a plug. :lol: Please man do some research first. Like someone already stated there is no opti spark on an LS1 and also on the LT1's you dont need to remove the opti to replace a plug damn I cant even believe I am responding to this oh well must be bored...
  11. Should be a pretty close race. Most A4s Ive raced have ran stronger than the M6s. Must be the drivers I guess.
  12. LS1 owner times

    I have a 99 Trans Am auto, ramair with some mods. Stock I went [email protected] Most of the guys I Know went 13.2-13.5 with stick or auto on street tires. I added a lid and catback and went 13.1'[email protected] With a converter and headers/y-pipe I went 12.4'[email protected] spinning Nitto DR's to a 1.70 60ft. My ex has an 04 Mach1 and it feels really slow to me with the stock auto in it. It seems to pull hard in 2nd but has no hit off the line at all. Has anyone put a stall in a Mach yet? It seems to almost slip when you floor it at low speeds then starts to pull as it gets going. :shrug:
  13. The new Mach 1's are strong runners but the 5-speeds and the automatics are totally different cars. unlike the LS1's that an auto is = to an M6.
    The 5-speed in the Mach redlines to about 6800 RPM somewhere in that area and the Automatic is about a thousand less I think...they also use a different crank...

    I am from riverside county and the 5-speed Machs are just as quick as the LS1's stock for stock it comes down to the driver. just last weekend My buds new 5-speed Mach beat an auto LS1 but not by much...

    I havent had that much experience with auto Mach's I am sure that A stall in a Mach should run flat 13's with traction... the auto tranny's in mustangs from the factory stock suck for performance... nothing compared to a 4L60E like the on in your car...
  14. This whole topic gets Forums fired up every time !

    Its funny, Ive owned a 99 ls1 and an 02 ws6 Both modded They were fast but sorry no times to prove it. Also only way I was going fast was to look at speedo they do NOT jerk you around.... nothing like a Mach.

    I traded up for Mach and have never looked back. Very little money and im spanking ls1's left and right. Not to mention its way more fun to drive.
    Or No One where I live knows how to drive. And we all know thats not true. I have very close freind with an 02 6 spd and it drives him nuts my little ass 281 puts the hurting to him.... :owned:

    LS1 :notnice: :rolleyes:
    Mach 1 :hail2: :nice: :worship: :cheers: :flag:
  15. I really think ford did a good job with the MACH 1 and it was about time...I really do think that stock for stock it is a drivers' race... I have seen them here where I am from go head to head LS1 wins and then the mach wins...
    I just cant wait till my little notchback is done so I can get some action too...
  16. Tell your friend to learn how to drive. Either that or you consider winning by a car length "putting a hurting on him". You all know the LS1 is powerful and fast and the slow ones are typically slow because of the driver...
  17. I would have to agree that there are alot of M6 LS1's out there that are driven by average drivers. also A car length is not alot to win by. The LS1 is powerful but so is the MACh1.

    In my experience the faster LS1's have been the automatics...again because of driver. I have not seen a MACh1 completely own an LS1 till this day it is always close. side by side, and dont even try when the LS1 is modified because they gain some serious HP when modded. But then again so do the MACH's both great cars.
  18. I like the mach 1 alot myself. I actually work for Ford and get a-plan. The girl I was talking about got her 04' auto with the int trim kit for $24,000 after all discounts. I am really uncomfortable in the mustangs though. They are just a little to small inside for me. I do like the seats in the mach 1 though. Why is the redline so dif. in the auto. I noticed that it is a 1000 under the 5-speed. I know the crank isn't forged, but that's goofy.
  19. This is the First time that Ford has actually used an auto in a high performance vehicle. (Except the Lightning which uses a tranny that is equal to a TH400) they knew ahead of time that there tranny's are weak. so they decided to avoid probs and lower the red-line. I dont know why they use a different crank I will look into that and post it on here...It is to bad that Ford doesnt build the MACH from the Factory with a stronger Tranny's like the ones in the LS1's. Damn if you are unocomfartable in a mustang I cant imagine what it's like for you in a camaro.
  20. I would appreciate the info on the crank in the auto. The thing I don't get is the redline is a lot lower yet the power is about the same on the two(308A/310M). Therefore, I do not see the benefit at all. You know, when I first saw the TA I thought it was to small for me, but since you are laying down instead of sitting, I fit pretty well. I am about 6'4" and 200lbs. I know a guy with a 95' cobra that is about 6'7". He just took the seat out and relocated the mounts back about 6". I just always hit my head on the mach's headliner even with the seat back and leaned like a big pimp.