Mach 1 Stock Mach 1 Vs stock LS1

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  1. Well the automatics and the sticks do make different power levels. they are rated almost the same but if you put an auto MACH1 and a 5-speed on a d dyno you will see different results.

    The auto's dyno about 20-30hp less than the 5-speeds and also do not even runs as strong as the 5-speeds.

    The auto's usually run about 13.7-14.00 flat Five speeds can hang or beat LS1's. That is to funny leaned like a big pimp, I will find out on the crank info and whatever else is different on the auto's and 5-speed MACH's and then post.
  2. Yeah, the auto's suck up more power than the sticks for drivetrain loss. What do the auto's dyno stock vs. the sticks? Someone needs to go into to business to make 99'+ auto's faster.
  3. ufortunately it is only the FORD automatic that robs power.
    The transmission in the LS1's 4L60E will dyno just about as much power as the 6 speeds. Ford needs to do their homework on the auto transmissions. There is a couple of company's that work on these tranny's. I have also seen some GT's go mid to high 12's on auto's with a stall and reprogrammed valve body
  4. Yeh ok. Trust me he can drive !

    And put the hurt on.... yes a carlenth is enuff for me...Especially against the almighty LS1.
  5. as long as I beat them i am happy.

    You should see the look on their faces when you pass them.

    I give a lot of respect to LS1 cars. They are fast and respond well to mods.

    Ford evened the playing field and all of a sudden everyone is bitter.

  6. You hit that nail on the head. Boy ive never heard so much trash talk out of them ls1 guys. Now that the Machs and SCcobras are out they despise us,...oh well get :owned:
  7. Being a auto Mach owner Ive run 13.8 at 101 with a stock car with 215 miles on it and a full tank of fuel weighing 3565lbs.The stock trans shifts at 6200 rpm not 5800rpm. the tach shows 5800rpm like the bullitt cars but believe me its 6200 rpm.Ive owned a 02 Z28 A4 with 2.73 gear. lid and cutout were the mods.Car ran 13.0 at 108.It had a LS6 block in it from the factory.I checked the block numbers.After needle bearings fell out of the rockers it had a Ls1 motor put in and never ran the same.the car dynoed 311 and 319tq on the original motor.The Mach and fbody are close competitors on the strip.But the ford wins on quality,comfort,and availability.Not trying to continue the pissing match.I did really like the fbodies and hope they come back in a better form and are made in the USA. :flag:
  8. The 4L60E's dyno about 15 less horse than the 6 speed LS1's. I dyno'd 280's vs. my buddies with M6's dynoing 295+.
  9. Depends on particular years and models I have heard of some putting just as much or right near the power levels of the M6. When I used to work at brothers Performance Members would bring there cars down to dyno there cars and an auto Ws6 put down somewhere like 315 hp and 330 tq on a stock car... very impressed :D

    Also in street racing I have seen the autos be just a little quicker than the M6's maybe cuz of drivers.
  10. Very true. I saw a bonestock 2002 z28 auto run 13.22 @ 104. Not too many manual tranny guys can get those times with such a low mph on street tires. M6's trap more, but the autos typically pull out better ET's.
  11. My friends 95 LT1 went [email protected] with 1.89 60's.All thats done is gear's,Cam,roller rockers,Cold air intake,Not bad for an LT1..all else hasnt been touched heads,internals,fuel system,ext.thought Id through that in there I dont get in to many F fody/Stang debates.
  12. it's hands down a racers race....I've seen completely (down to the air filter) stock mach 1's go 13.1 in the know matter what you people say it is driver vs. driver on this one
  13. Mustangs and Fast Fords Issue July 2004, same article found in pontiac performance mag.

    Mach 1 v/s New Pontiac GTO...........and the Mach 1 wins, not to mention being about 3,000 dollars cheaper. I'm still laughing at people that are impressed with those extra 40hp GM gets for those 65 cubic inches, and a six speed transmission. :lol:

    Mach1 best et. 13.47 :flag:
    GTO best et. 13.52

    My father owns a 2003 mach w/3.73s and "I can testify she's fast". I'll take the Mach 1 every time. :rlaugh:
  14. Which one trapped higher mph? :rolleyes: That goes to show you the GTO should have pulled better et, and if you think a mach1 w/3.73's is "fast" then you need to venture out into a different town. In my area, I can count atleast 20 LS1's that make 400+rwhp N/A. Maybe MA just has faster cars then your area :shrug:

  15. If you will recall the post is about stock LS1 v/s Stock Mach1, and faster mph in the quarter just implies what we all know, LS1s make great power top end. Furthermore it is also known that the ls1 cars are not the greatest cars to hook off the line. In my experience fast trap speeds in conjunction with the same et, either means the car cannot hook at the line, or makes better power top end. :shrug:

    Stoplight to stoplight i'll take my bullitt against a comparably moddded ls1, why because i'm lighter and 1st gear will be all mine. :nice: Yeah somewhere about 90-100mph it'll be over, but who runs that fast except for the track? :notnice:

    The quarter mile is a culmination of many things, all working together to get the car to the end faster. It would be impossible to take a snapshot of the mhp speed at the end and "infer" the GTO should have pulled a better et.

    By the way this same article was also featured in a pontiac performance mag. I'm sure they used the article because the GTO should have posted a better et. :bs:
  16. If a heavier car traps more mph, but ET's slower than a lighter car, then that tells me the the heavy car should be able to get down the track faster. Thats common sense. We're talking N/A vehicles, not damn supras that trap high but dont et well. I brought up the modded example because you seem to think a mach1 w/3.73's is fast. My point was they are not fast. Any modern day fbody/stang with just 3.73's isnt fast. I was implying that you msut not have seen fast yet. Its all perspective. I dont consider my car fast and my power #'s are in my sig.
    Now you stating you'd take your bullit up to 100mph makes me laugh, and you think 1st gear is all yours? Everyone thinks LS1's are slouches in 1st and 2nd gear? They are faster 0-60mph then your stang, even the autos. And you would want yours over a "comparably moddded ls1". An LS1 with your mods will easily tap 106-110mph, so your seriously outmatched. As far as racing till 90-100mph until they pass you, they will walk you to the 1/8. stock LS1's have no problem running 8.3-8.5 1/8th's @ 84-85mph . Again, I doubt your that close even with your mods. The reason everyone thinks the LS1 has a great "top end" is beacuse they pull in 3rd and 4th. They actually dont have a great top end, they just dont fall off in acceleration in 3rd and 4th like most cars do. Thats what you get with a great engine and properly matched gearing.

    Take a poll and ask what veicle they would rather race in (99+ GT M5) vs LS1 M6 and check the percentages. I guarantee you that 99% would take the LS1 because they know the myth about LS1's being slouches in the first 2 gears.
  17. I guess everybody is lying, the Pontiac Performance magazine included. All this to sustain the myth, that heavy ls1 cars are slow in 1st and 2nd. Tell me something, if the car trapped a higher mph, but slower et, where was it slower..............sure wasn't the end of the track. :rlaugh:

    We have all seen LS1s can't get out of their own way down low(even with a 6sp), OK. So lets forget about some conspiracy theory against LS1s.

    Here you go, Modern LS1 GTO vs Mach1 in a pontiac performance article. who won this one? This must be a conspiracy. :bs:

    Please forward all other LS1 conspiracy claims to
    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. Now I understand who i am talking too. Somebody that has never been to the track, and someone who cant read. Let me break it down real slow for you:
    Someone that has a slower ET and higher mph shows that they had traction poblems off the line. Ask any of your stangnet members and the experienced track guys will agree.

    Care to elaborate a little more on this. I have yet to see this unless the guy couldnt hook. I have murdered my share of mustangs, some cuz they couldnt hook. Doesnt mean all the stangs cant get out of their own way.

    You claim that you'd take YOUR stang over an LS1 in a race. I still laugh at that. I no longer care about the Mach1 vs GTO debate. They run similar numbers, and thats all that matters. You on the other hand show that you have zero racing experience and do too much internet bench racing. Happy hunting in your LS1 killer! :rlaugh: :lol:
  19. what about the conspiracy? :shrug:

    Thats why your hangin out on stangnet, not ls1 net or can't hook up at the line net. Spinnin at the line or can't drive still=slow out the hole. See ya in 2-3rd :nonono:
  20. No conspiracy, and I never said there was. Its funny how you avoid answering questions and avoiding my comments. You try and make jokes because you have nothing to back up any real world claims. What do you run at the track? I am guessing you only race on the street right where evryone pulls 1.7 60's.