Mach 1 Stock Mach 1 Vs stock LS1

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Mach428, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. There is always someone faster......
  2. :lol: I can't help but laugh everytime I come back to this thread. Who cares who is faster as long as you smile ear to ear when you your at WOT! :shrug:
  3. the fact of the matter here is that camaro and every other car that chevy puts out looks like ****......who wants a souped up grand am???? My grandma drives a grand am and at a price of $33k that's a f'in joke bro. Camaro's have been ugly with the exception of the 69. Chevy needs a new staff......they just need to go out of bussiness period....
  4. The new GTO kinda looks like a mercedes wanna be in my opinion, kinda looks like a fat goat. I think i'm goin to E-town this week or next with a friend, i'll post my 04 Mach times if I go. Only thing i've gotten to play with is a G-tech, kinda helped me get my launches down to a science useing the 0-60 timer, well i'll tell you how it goes. I won't trash talk the ls1 cause I don't know enough about it, but it sure is pretty damn ugly :puke: I'm sure the chicks like the stang over a Camaro anyday lol.
  6. Last week I stayed down in Florida for a friends wedding. He owns a 03 Mach I and I drove it quite a bit while I was there. It does feel stronger down in the first two gears where as the LS1 pulls harder in 3rd and 4th. His best time stock was 13.2 @ 106 mph and mine is 13.41 @ 109.46. He also has a 100 shot on it and it rocks on the juice.
  7. alright...thats true the new vette's are pretty tight looking but that's all chevy has these days.....

  8. Hey lead, when your on the 1/4 do you ride it out in 3rd or shift to 4th? Best i could do in third was 105 my E/T sucked : ( it was my first time though.
  9. He should be in 4th by then. One problem with our fbodies is we need to shift around 100mph to 4th.
  10. Hold it in 3rd. Your mph will be better.
  11. Yep, with the lower redline in the Fbody (6200) I have to shift to 4th.
  12. In my Mach I bump the fuel cut off at the end of the track, i'm still trying to figure out the best way to work 4th in the mix. I went to the drag track for the first time ever last Fri. Best I could do in my Mach so far my best was 13.8 at 102 and I tried to shift to 4th so i lost mph, yet i ran a 14 @ 105 held in third, but with a very crappy take off. I'm new to the drag strip and I really don't have any experience with the strip, but the humidity was %80 so i guess thats kinda bad lol. All I know is that the street felt like it had alot more traction then e-town that night. DO NOT USE my times against anyone in this argument between the Ls1 and the Mach, by no means do I have any drag experience, but i'll keep everyone up to date on the progress.
  13. Stock Mach 1 is more in LT1 territory then LS1.

  14. your mom :lol:
  15. 13.5 w/gtech is NOTHING
  16. Yeah, keep dreamin' buddy. :rolleyes:

    I have a stack of timeslips (& videos ;) ) that say otherwise... :D
  17. Well, I slightly impoved. Second time i went to E-Town (Still feel my start could have been better 2.244 -60Ft) i ran 13.6 @ 105. Hey, funny thing the LS1 in front of me ran a 13.7........

    Hey 5.7Heaven I live in Bergen County also, I live in Allendale here, where are you from
  18. Well, around here the auto Mach 1's trap about the same as stockish LT1's with manual trannies. However, a stock manual tranny Mach 1 will murder a stockish LT1. For an M6 LT1 it would take intake and full exhaust to trap the same mph as a stock Mach 1. Therefor, they are faster stock for stock :), just like an LS1.
  19. this post is dead....there is overwhelming proof out that the mach one is quicker....i've seen then pull 13.1's stock consistantly with a good driver....these fuggin camaro idiots need to stop kidding themselves and realize they need a new car.....go buy a srt-4 or something stupid like that
  20. thank you lt1's :notnice: