Mach 1 Stock Mach 1 Vs stock LS1

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  1. Stock for stock it's clearly a driver's race, and no amount of name calling in the world eill change that. Trap speeds seem to indicate that the LS1 f-bodies have the power edge, but the Mach has that substantial gearing advantage out of the hole (3.35 first gear, 3.55 final drive for the Mach vs. the 2.66 first gear & 3.42 final drive for the f-body). I say the f-body typically has a bit more potential but you won't find many f-body drivers skilled enough to utilize it. I'm still struggling to ****** a 2.0x short time but these Machs seem to do it with ease.

    I welcome any Atlanta-area Machs who'd like to make a Friday night run down to SDR for a few runs (good sports only, please). Competition this tight is where the real fun is.
  2. you can say what you want.....the average mach1 is going to beat the average z28....I actually race unlike a lot of you and I see what goes on
  3. haha! :rlaugh: :lol: my friend are retard.
  4. Have I mentioned your a retard? I am sure since you do alot of racing then you realize that stock, your car is as fast as a stock M6 LT1? Seems that the cobra drivers in this area dont know how to drive or my last statement is true if you visit epping. In any case, since you think a stock Mach is faster than a stock LS1, then you better go buy one before they start stomping you (even with all your mods) :)

    Its always funny how the guys that talk the most smack dont even have a car thats involved...oh, well.
  5. Dude,
    For one, that's mag racing. I believe that was the auto Mach anyway. Even RealQuick realizes the performance difference between the auto and 5spd. I don't have any drag racing experience but I have held my own against an LS1. No disrespect intended. Either way, you guys take this stuff way to seriously. :lol:
  6. realquick is the idiot....God, I hate ignorant people. what are you doing in a mustang forum? camaros are fuggin ugly bro....I have no problem stomping the s**t out of these f*gs in z28's....half of them are in-bred white trash with no front teeth that think they know about racing (probably an accurate description of you right?) Like I said go get an srt-4 so you can at least come close to me bro....i tell you what...I'll race you in my wifes automatic v6 so you can feel special ok.......end of discussion
  7. I really can't beleive some of the responses on this board. :nonono:
    from 7 years experience of being at the track, I have spoken to few individuals that had completley stock down to the filter untaped LT1 camaros/firebirds, they where running in the low 14 sec ballpark. Now I have seen plenty of Lt1 run 13,12,11 and even 10 second timeslips. I never got a chance to speak with everyone of them to see if their cars where stock our had been moddified one way or the other. but the few guys I did speak with who where completely stock where running 14.4 - 14.2 area. I'm not trying to say it can't be done, just speaking from experience, no bench racing please, I can't stand people qouting other times out of mags or on the net. Please people, just run your cars and see what you can perform out them and don't bother with what somebody else runs our what they say they can. No one man/women are tha same and that goes for driving skills. I've seen ls1 run as bad as 14.3 stock to as good as 13.4. Bad driver or inexperience, probley, but that argument is no good if you brag that you're ls1 is an 12sec beast and the best you come up with is 14.3 :rlaugh:

    Bottom line is run with what pleases you. Any car can be made fast with time, patiants,knowledge, and money. True enthusiest congrat each other on their vehicles.

    P.S. I have yet to go to the track this year and I have not seen any Mach 1 run so I do not know what they run, I'll have to take people timeslips(not their word) on what they are capable of.
  8. i agree tama

    i agree with you...I said the AVERAGE mach1 vs the average z28. Have fun with those gears least you don't have half shafts to break like I do...hahaha
  9. Bone stock, right off the dealer's lot. See below--> And according to your sig, you got all those mods on that boat, and the best it can do is a 13.5? Dude, I would be embarrassed to let people see that!! :notnice: Oh wait a minute, it's not even a real run, it's one of those make believe, ricer, G-tech things, you are pathetic.


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  10. i ran a 13.6 bone stock with my auto mach 1.
  11. I think 13.5 is pretty good considering my only real Pwr. Mod. was the higher Stall conveter. Most of the other stuff is just resume items. Sorry you think 13.5 is pathetic for an old heavy '95 LT1 Ragtop.
  12. tr03mach1 thanks bro....these idiots dont believe me and now you showed them what I have been telling them all along. That's all the proof needed there realquick (see my nice little note to you in #6)
  13. Haha! Dude you are such a loser its funny. It takes you 24hrs and a re-edited post to try and flame me. Get real dude. You have zero experience and you sound like an inbread hick. I would have no problem dragging your slow azz cobra up and down the street. All the posts you make are always empty and unintelligent. All you spout off about is how you think a car looks and you always make an attack on chevy. Sounds like you have been smoked by one too many fbodies. I bet you dont even know how to turn a wrench on your car. As fas as me being, I have ben here alot longer than you bud. :rlaugh:
  14. wow dude remind me to buy you a a hick...yeah ok. you are a homosexual. Your probably spooning him right now aren't you. Your car is slow get over love mustangs or else you wouldn't be in our forum. How old are you dude? Midlife crisis or something?
  15. Looks like he proved my point actually. His car ran a [email protected] stock with pretty good driving. My car ran [email protected] with an airlid (8-10rwhp) and admittedly mediocre driving. His superior launch (2.06 60-foot vs. my 2.19 on that particular run) made up for my power advantage. The cars are close enough that driving can make the difference either way, as just about every level-headed person in this thread has already said.
  16. :nice:
  17. your stupid dude....a dumbass that thinks a z28 can top an 03 cobra....your just stupid dude. I don't see any times posted for your car....which by the way looks like absolute *****. Whats wrong with aeronautical science...I know your stupid as$ wouldn't have a chance at it. An engineering degree from where was that again? Never heard of it bro. Engineering is nothing special ....I can guarantee it's not in automotive engineering......grow up get a new car......and yes I know that you love mustangs you don't have to tell me that
  18. 5.7heaven you never answered my question, where in bergen county do you live, I live In Allendale. If you'd like there's alot of Mach owners at E-Town that would be more then happy to test test your Lt1 vs Mach theory, I myself have been improving in the 1/4 cause i sucked so bad my first couple times, now i've been lowering my 60ft times, its all in friendly competition. And by the way G-Tech sucks, don't go by it faithfully its only good for geting an estimate on mod gains. According to a G-Tech I should we whooping on Vettes with my 200Lb friend in the car and a full tank of Gas.
  19. Good Mach 428...don't talk about it be about. Once that's done all this bickering back and forth will be over with.