Mach 1 Stock Mach 1 Vs stock LS1

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  1. I also run over at epping where real quick runs and there are 7 or 8 mach's that run over there. The bone stock ones normally run 13.6-13.8 at NED but I also know of one running 13.2 bone stock. I have also seen a few stock ss run upper 13 range so I would say the cars are very close and it's up to the driver.
  2. people...i said that the AVERAGE mach 1 stock on the street will beat the AVERAGE z28 on the street which I know to be true....
  3. And how do you know this to be true :shrug:

    I don't want to start a flame with you as I think you're a cool guy but you're fighting a argument that holds no truth. There is no such thing as an average, only what you have witness which anybody can argue till there face is blue as to why the outcome was they way it was.

    Best bet is to take it to the track and see what you can do. Don't worry about what everybody else does. I would place a bet and say half the stories you hear on the net are either false or very highly exagerated to begin with. And most people will defend their vehicle to the fulliest so you'll never really have a fair argument with most people anyway.

    Like I said, me losing to my fathers stock 02 gt should not have happened but it did. :nonono:

    Don't let a topic get to you so much :bang:

    P.S. G-tech :rlaugh:
  4. no i dont mean to seem like I am forcing the issue I just see mach 1's tearing into z28's. I just mean the typical mach1 with typical driver will beat the typical z28 with typical driver. I just like to celebrate the fact that the supposed "motor of motors" these chevy guys are talking about is being outed by a motor with a full liter less displacement and that the new "motor" is the ford modular. Imagine if ford made a 5.7 liter dohc god. the 5.4 is making 385 right there. I just would like to prove the point that ford technology is as a car enthusiast applaud the technology going into these motors and wish that these camaro guys would stop being so typical and realize it also instead of being so absent minded...i dunno
  5. Since when was the LS1 the "top dog" for GM?

    GM does have an LS6 you know, slightly underrated at 405hp (still 346ci too). And that's still not even close to pushing the envelope for the gen III SB...even in N/A form.

    Since you're grouping every Camaro owner together...what would you like me to realize? That Ford's technology is so awesome and GM's isn't? I, unlike yourself, can and do give credit where credit is due. Ford has done a great job with the 4.6...they've come a long way since '96. I applaud them for listening to their customers and building them a reasonably priced Mustang that'll basically stomp every single car out there under $50k (and quite a few over $50k). And Colletti made this Mustang "mod friendly beyond belief." :hail2:

    Guess what, GM has come quite a way too...not like the LT1/4's were slouches by any means but the LS1/6 was a great improvement...and the future is even brighter. But to you, they probably all suck because they're using that old archaic OHV crap, no "new technology." Regardless of what you think though, it works just fine.

    About this whole Mach 1 vs. LS1 thing...feel free to believe whatever the hell you want to but IMO, you should pull your head outta your a** and realize that performance-wise, these two cars are about as close as you're going to get.
  6. I know all about the ls6....why do you get all heartbroken bro? Take it easy...I'm not saying the mach is going to beat it by 5 car lengths or anything like that....I'm saying it will beat it that's all. When is the last time you have seen a mach 1 and a camaro race? Thought so...I see it every friday and saturday night. Did you hear me say anything about ohv being old inferior technology? no you didn't I love 5.0's. Like I said before....I am looking for the like minded....yes I did say like minded....camaro idiots to give credit when credit is due instead of cowering like ******es behind this stupid idealism that they are virtually the same crap....what do you think the average camaro runs there buddy? Be honest now.....don't kid yourself. You people read between the lines too much. Honestly chevy engines right now don't really impress me as much as the modular ford engines....if ford could get the weight down things would be all right.
  7. Alright, I'll be honest...I really don't give a s**t what the "average" Camaro runs. I've seen stock LS1's run anywhere from low 13s to what?

    I don't see too many Mach 1's so I'm not going to comment on what I've seen personally (because I know they're faster than what I've seen).

    And I do know exactly what my car runs. I'm pretty happy with it too. Care to tell me anything about it* (since you've already proved your vast intelligence to me)? Like, maybe, that an "average" bolt-on Mach 1 will have no trouble with me?
    *Nothing to do with: 1) How ugly my car is or...2) How crappy it's built.
  8. read past the fact that this whole discussion is the average car whatever....i don't care. 12.3? don't you mean 12.8? hahaha
  9. :rolleyes: Another intelligent post.
  10. Automotive Engineering? Obviously you dont have a clue. Who do you think designs parts for automobiles? Mechanical engineers and electrical engineers, not Automotive Engineers. I actually work in the Marine Industry designing Boat engines and generators. You dont think engineering is hard/ Your right, besides the 50% drop out rate (out of engineering the first year), almost all of the other 50% do end up graduating. The question is do you want to graduate with A's, B's or C's. I doubt you would be there for the second year.

    I ran 12.5 @ 114.5 rolling off the line at idle. That was when i had 368rwhp/336rwtq. This is the second time i have posted this to you. What do you run? Any dyno numbers? Take your bolt-on cobra and go home. You keep hyping the mach and you dont even own one. The little 4.6L engine is a good design by ford, no doubt about it. Its displacement hurts its torque down low, but playing with cam profiles and intake designs Ford took care of that with the mach. Dont short change GM's engines. They are truly potent performers, even when stock. Everytime you say "well if ford made a bigger motor", that makes me want to say "well if gm supercharged their motors". Its a wasted argument. The problem with you is you try and force your opinion on everyone. MachZ goes to the same track as I do. He has seen numbers put up. Notice he said he saw a couple SS's pull high 13's. thats because most avergae driver's with the LS1's will run mid-low 13's. You will get the occasional guy that leaves traction control on or spins like crazy in the $hitty left lane (right lane is much better IMO). I will tell you for the LAST time, street racing doesnt always prove who has the faster car. Thats why timeslips are good. You can look at the slip and see you actually ran faster then your opponents despite him beating you to the finish line. This shows how reaction time and traction (60' time) impact the race.
  11. Which one is it? We're all ignorant and/or stupid if we disagree with you but you can't even keep your own opinion straight. I actually agree 100% with your first statement. Plenty of well-driven examples of both these cars have gone low-13's to thirteen-flat with even an occasional 12.9 every blue moon. Take any two random examples and you might as well flip a coin to predict who wins. It's probably the closest head-to-head matchup in the history of these cars.

    I guess if you consider stoplight to stoplight runs on the street "racing", then hell yeah the Mach has the advantage because of its gearing out of the hole. But when it comes to real racing at the track, the f--body is going to pull on the Mach at the big end. Who'll cross the traps first is anybody's guess.
  12. man you guys are people like friggin attcked me when I said what I said. I don't consider stoplight to stoplight streetracing...i guess you guys don't get laid a lot b/c you are so egocentric....whatever......did I ever say that gm tech was bad? Stop getting so fuggin heartbroken....that's the lesson to be learned here
  13. Nobody is heartbroken here...and nobody like friggin' "attacked" you either.

    As almost everyone that's posted in this thread will's a driver's race. End of discussion, no average this or average that. Ths LS1 will win some, the Mach 1 will win some.

    Don't bother posting've already proved that you either: A) Have some major problem with GM or that B) you just don't have a clue what you're talking about.
  14. I have a problem with the majority of camaro drivers.....don't bell affraid to admit that the mach 1 will win most all of them because everyone in this forum knows that to be true....and just because some camaro fanatics come into a MUSTANG forum and claim to know more about mustangs then me doesn't mean a [email protected] thing to me.....admit that the mach 1 will win most of them and I'll be happy....yes I do understand the occasional factory freak like nazmans cobra other than that the camaro doesn't have anything on a stock can crack off all day about "you don't even own one" yes that's true but who do I roll with???? Yes that's right an 03 mach1 in addition to every other type of mustang known to man so maybe I do know more about it then you want to give me credit for.....and I almost traded my wife's v6 for one a few months ago but the fugger wouldn't give me the right price. Don't be so ignorant and what are you doing in our forum?
  15. I have a problem with the majority of camaro drivers.....

    How come? :shrug:

    everyone in this forum knows that to be true

    Really? I didn't :bang:

    claim to know more about mustangs then me

    Don't remember anyone claiming they did :confused:

    doesn't mean a [email protected] thing to me

    Obviously :rolleyes:

    the camaro doesn't have anything on a stock mach1


    Seriously, this has got to stop. WHO CARES. :nonono:

    These comments are just so damn :rlaugh: It's actually embarrasing.

    54life, Just go to your local track, makes some runs, and have a friend record you kicking some ls1/lt1 @$$. And be proud. :nice: You don't own a mach1 therefore you have never raced behind the wheel of one before. So why care. Again don't take this the wrong way but don't let the internet get to you. Just have some fun out their with your ride. PLEASE. :D
  16. :rolleyes: are persistent but you still don't have any idea what you're talking about. Now, I'm not going to take anything away from your Mach 1 or Mustang knowledge...for arguments sake, we'll say that you know everything there is to know about all Mustangs.

    Problem is...this was about two cars...and you know nothing about the other.
  17. Realquick, 02LS1, and Destiny 98, stop adding fuel to this fire. It was funny at first but now obviously this tread is dead and going nowhere. I will stop responding to this thread now.
  18. tama, I've tried already:

    But you are right, this is going nowhere...
  19. LOL 54life, I predate you on this site by years and owned a 5.0 Mustang (first of several) when you were in training pants. To put it another way, I was learning to tune up a smallblock Ford when you were learning to wipe your own ass.

    But I sure as hell don't know everything about Mustangs, never claimed to and never will. Sure as hell couldn't know more than a pimp like you who's rollin' with every kind of Mustang known to man :rolleyes: But I know the difference between someone who's being real and someone who's simply hatin' on GM & talking ****. You claimed it was a drivers race, then claimed the Mach was clearly faster, in the same thread no less (and still found time in your busy schedule top author the truly unforgettable "I hate camaros" thread in SVT talk). I see no good reason to believe a word you say, since its obvious anything you write will recieve a heavy dose of Pro-Ford / anti-GM spin.

    I'll not visit this thread again so save the rest of your playground-quality insults for somebody else. Thank you, and goodnight.

    :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock: :lock:
  20. see you guys aren't listening to what I am saying.....why do you raise the bs flag when I say that a camaro doesn't have anything on a mach1? Again let me reiterate the fact that I say stock with average drivers....have any of you people ever actually seen the two race....obviously not because you have no clue...yeah it is always close but the mach wins the majority of the time.....and who has never raced behind the wheel of a mach? Didn't you hear me say that my friend has an 03? You people are crazy....kinda wants me to give you the title "keyboard racer" whatever I am finished with trying to teach you people