Stock Motor Mounts, Or Solid/plate.

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  1. Seems like I can't just use anything as it comes from the factory. Since a 200 I-6 makes a whole whopping 80 HP, and about the same amount of torque, I'm concerned that the stock, gay-La-Fair motor mounts might not be up to the task.
    I could use them, and then add a chain to limit the rotational twist that'll come when I stand on it, but chains are gay.
    I have had project cars before that have had either a front plate, of solid mounts holding the engine in before, and I don't recall whether or not the engine vibration was that noticeable, but then again, I don't think I cared at the time.

    This time I might not care either ( at least initially) Given that an I-6 is characteristically smoother than a V8 It might not be that bad.

  2. Solid mounts but make sure you use either poly or rubber trans mounts or you'll rattle your teeth out.
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  3. ^ what he said
  4. Hell at this point my votes for plates
  5. see, that's what the place is coming to.

    Ask how much Hp, what color I should paint my car, or what tires/wheels I should chose, and there'd be 29 replies.

    Ask a question that even hints of " other than bolted on", and you get crickets.
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  6. Solid mount are not that bad, hell if the engine has a good balance job on it even a solid trans mount would not be bad. It is not like this thing has a thumper cam in it, so it should be fairly smooth.
  7. HAhahahah what you arent putting a B cam in?
  8. I say you hang it from the hood.
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  9. My experience is that solid is a lot of vibrations. I seem to remember visors falling down and everything rattling. Just doesn't seem like your style.
  10. dude, the thing has a solid roller cam in it.
  11. Again, I could have that by using the stock 200 mounts that the car came with. I just don't know if they are up to the job I'm asking them to do.
  12. How bout I borrow the hood you're not using.

    You gotta know as long as you're gonna say the word "hood",...............
  13. I don't have visors, that won't be a problem.
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  14. I'm putting an "A" cam in it.
  15. It does already have prefabbed slits for you to hang chain from.
  16. Might as well, ain't using it.
  17. Its holding up the wall of my garage actually. Might sell it on Ebay after a rattle can job as "art." Never know. Until then, I would use rubber engine mounts with a chain before anything solid. Its a "street car," and you already have a Medusa intake manifold, whats a chain or strap of some sort gonna hurt to look at?
  18. Yeah, you're right. The chain won't be seen anyway. Just gotta get me two new 200 mounts, and some links.
  19. not really, while the stock 200 has a couple of studs imbedded in the rubber, they are not connected. the mount design i suggested would have a through bolt so that even if the rubber fails, the mount wont come apart.