Stock oil/temp/alt gauge issues

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by TwinTurboRT, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. trying to get the coupe ready to sell, I've had mechanical gauges in there, but wanted to get the stockers working... the oil pressure gauge (mech) said 50psi on idle, 75 cold run and 60psi normal... the stock shows 2nd tick (m/L) - the water temp needle never shows it's face... the alt gauge is totally dead... gas works, speedo, tach works...

    ??? It's a 93 5.0 with 89 gauges :)
  2. That is probably your problem. The gauge clusters are wired differently from 87-89 and 90-93 and are not directly interchangeable. Ford revise the wiring for the airbag addition. There is a tech article with the two wiring diagrams - go to the home page, and then go to the "articles" tab at the top of the page. It is the last one in the Tech section. Or just sell that 89, especially if it has a 140 speedo it can go for some bucks, and get a 90-93 cluster.

    Good luck!
  3. thanks, but I guess I should have been more specific...

    the harness, the back plate - it's all 93... the gauges THEMSELVES are 89 :) I pulled the gauges one by one and installed them- it was a 4cyl conversion (89 donor, 93 coupe :) ) and I needed it running not waiting on parts... so each gauge was pulled and swapped over into the 93 dash... I couldn't just used the gauge cluster/plate- as the 89 had no airbag and the 93 does.

    so I am needing something other than this- I thinks... I see a lot of things that obviously don't cross over- but like I said, they are working fine... the high beam indicator, the left and right turn signals, the tach, the speedo, the illumination, the low oil, the check engine... basically everything works 100% except the oil pressure is reading low, there is no movement on the temp or alt gauges.

  4. Two marks on the oil pressure gauge is about 40 PSI. You might try replacing the sender, but don't count on it being a 100% fix.

    The alt gauge is just a voltmeter - find a switched wire and connect it to the alt gauge. Connect it the wrong way and it will make sparks - that's the ground side. Use a test light to find the ground side of the alt gauge. The other side should get the feed from your switched voltage.

    You'll need an Ohmmeter to test out the temp gauge. The temp sender is on the LH front of the intake manifold. It uses a single push on wire terminal. Use the Ohmmeter to test for continuity from the sender wire to the gauge. My guess is that there is a break in the wiring or a missing connection between the sender and the dash gauge.

  5. so the problem shouldn't be the wiring in the cluster, it's the actual wires somewhere... okay... I can do that... it sucks, but I can do it...