Mach 1 Stock Parts From Mach 1's

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 93tealstang, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. I have a buddy who used to own an 03 Mach 1. He's has the stock shifter and stock mufflers laying around and wants to make me a deal on some stuff I have up for trade. I have a 90 GT and have no use for the parts but I'm considering trading for the parts to so I can sell them. Are these parts anything special and do they have much of a market value since they're from a Mach 1?
  2. It's Ford stuff, not worth all that much. :D

    The mufflers pretty much suck. The shifter may be worth a bit being a shifter, and maybe a bit more if you have the Mach shifter ball, but it's nothing too valuble either.
  3. Nah, there's really not much value to stock stuff unless someone, for some reason, is desperately looking for a stock replacement. I've still got my stock exhaust and shifter but not expecting too much out of it, if anything...
  4. I kinda figured since it's just plain stock stuff that it wouldn't have much value. Thanks for the heads up.