35th Anniv Stock shift knob adjustment

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Routs, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. When cleaning my recently purchased 99 GT LE, I noticed something weird on the shifter. One of the previous owners had added a nut onto the threads of the shifter and then screwed the knob on top of that. This created a ridiculously high shifter height and the gear markings on the knob were pointed the wrong way.

    So I took the nut off and screwed the knob back on. However, the gear markings on the top of the knob are still off. Could likely use another quarter turn. Anyone know of an easy fix for this? I don't think the knob will turn anymore by hand and I don't want to force it and break anything.
  2. I wonder if the shifter is aftermarket? This might explain the issue.
  3. Anything is possible but it sure looks identical to the factory limited edition knob. Does the factory knob have anything inside it, like a plastic adjuster or anything like that? I am wondering if a previous owner took something out of it making it so that it screws down too far.
  4. Sorry, but I mean the shifter the part under the shift boot. Could that have been changed out? I've taken my 35th knob off a couple of times and do not remember any adjusters or anything. I do seem to remember I had to really tighten it down to get the shift pattern lined up.
    I just don't know.

    Good luck.
  5. Good call on the shifter being replaced. I didn't even consider that. It has had a few minor mods done to it so it's definitely possible. I'll have to pull off the boot and take a look.

    For tightening it, did you do it by hand or use pliers?
  6. No pliers!! I just tightend by hand.
  7. Well based on pictures I found to compare it to, I would say I have the stock shifter. I'm likely going to try cleaning the threads on both the knob and shifter. All I need is about a quarter turn more but no way it's going to do that without me breaking something...
  8. Well with the warmer weather I was able to attend good grip and turn it the rest of the way. Removal should be interesting when I buy an aftermarket shifter.
  9. I do remember thinking it was a pretty tight fit, but its been a long time since I took mine off...glad you got it right.