Stock Stroke+5.4" Rod= Hard To Find Pistons

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 93 Pro 5.0, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. what i'm looking for is a semi wallet friendly build. i want to stay stock block
    .030 over and stock crank. i do want to have a 5.4" rod for a better rod lenght to stroke ratio. thing is that there is not a real big selection of pistons for that combo . i called JE and they gave me a part number to a srp piston (#206059), just so happens to be the perfect piston for my combo with a 10:1 compression ratio. i'm just wondering why this combo doesn't seem to be that popular and if anyone has tried it.

    let me know how this sounds also. that bottom end with, ??? cam (need help with that), 185 afr heads, track heat u&l, 24lbs injectors, 70mm throttle body, 80mm pro-m mass air, 1 3/4" headers. around what hp? track times?

    what tranny do u think i should go with??? my t5 lost third on a power shift.

    93 Pro 5.0
  2. I have a R304ci longrod with a 3.0 stroke crank and 5.4 rods. Their is a better piston to rod ratio but the only real reason IMO to do a longrod is u don't have to change the rods again when u stroke it, just change the crank stroke and pistons. For ur 5.4 rod I would do a Scat 4340 H-beam with the ARP 2000 rod bolt upgrade.

    SRP makes a great piston but if motor is going to stay NA I would find a piston w/ 11:1 comp, still will run on pump gas. u could try Probe, Ross, CP, or BME for pistons. Sealed Power file fit ring set, plasma moly first, cast iron second, stainless steel third.

    I would do either the stud mount AFR 185's or the TW cnd 185's from Summit, RPM ll intake port matched and a Comp Cam XE282HR and go with ceramic coated LT's last a lifetime and look awesome, Dr. Gas X-pipe 3 by 3 and a Magnaflow exhaust. Sounds like a Ferrari on steriods. Should hit 350/350 @ the RW easily. There have been 306's that have hit 385rwhp, sometimes as much as 331/347 strokers. It's all in the how well the combo was put together and the tune.
  3. thanks

    awsome. i'm thniking of stayin n/a but if anything maybe a little nitrous. u think i really need a forged piston?