Stock times for the ponies?

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  1. I was looking around the other day for what the quarter mile times were for classic mustangs, completely stock. Of course I found the times for the Mach 1's, and the Boss 302/429s, but no plain old coupes! Does anybody remember what the classic mustangs ran with a factory set up on the coupes?
  2. i would have to look it up to be sure, but as i recall the early c code and a code cars ran in the high 16s to mid 17s in the 1/4 mile, depending on what options the car had.
  3. Our 67 GT350 with the stock motor and Dual 4's ran 15.3.
  4. I have Hemmings Motor News Book of Mustangs with a lot of old road test results, and here is some of what is in it:
    1965 C Code C4: 17.0 @ 85 MPH
    1965 K Code 4SPD: 15.9 @ 89 MPH
    1966 GT 350H C4: 14.8 @ 96 MPH
    1968 GT 500KR C6: 13.7 @ 104 MPH
    1969 Grande 351W/4V Auto: 15.59 @89.09 MPH
  5. that may be for a shelby, but note i was talking about and c code stangs, not shelbys since that is what the op wanted.

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