Stolen: 2000 Mustang GT...

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  1. I went out to start my car this morning to let it warm up. 5 min later I was on my way out to head to work when all of a sudden I hear my car start revving. Now, my car has idleing issues so I didnt really think anything of it. So as I open my door and step outside I see my car SCREAMING past my house down the street. This is such a hollow feeling... I get in my moms grand am and try to follow but I didnt find him :(

    Any guidence? I called the police, they looked for it for about 15 minutes and ran a report and then said there is nothing more they can do..

    So now I have no mustang. What the F do I do now?
  2. not to crap on you anymore but insurance will probably not cover it and call it negligence... hope you find it tho
  3. wow sucks dude, someone also stole one of my friends car yesterday............


    anywho hope you get it back
  4. It was a neighbor or one of their friends. I highly doubt a theif was looking for cars started in the driveway early morning. They may have been waiting for themoment for a while. Sorry to hear this though. I would feel empty if it happened to me. Good luck catching the a^%holes
  5. In the past this car has been broken into (rather violently) once, and other cars broken into 4-5 times. I live in a good neighborhood, I dont know what to think. I get a stupid rental car for the next 2+ weeks

    If I ever see my car again I have a feeling its in peices- I had the traction control on, he took off like he really knew what he was doing and burned the tires, so obviously he took TC off...
  6. Glock or Springfield Army .40 cal for me... thats a good idea
  7. Sucks, sorry man.

    You should have locked your doors and kept the remote in your pocket (those little quick-disconnect keychains are the ****).
  8. The doors wont unlock with the remote if the car is running. I only have one key for the car :(
  9. dude that sucks so bad. im sorry. i was paranoid about this same issue.. so what i did is went to walmart to get a key remade. it wont start the car but it unlocks the door. i start the car then lock the doors manually.. when im ready to leave, i just use the crappy key to regain entry....
  10. yeah that def sucks cause most insurance companies wont cover it if you leave the car running with the doors unlocked
  11. :(

    Sorry to hear about this. I had a car stolen before and it's a really really really really bad feeling. Just reading your story makes me upset.

    Here's a few thoughts/suggestions:

    1. It's OK to be bummed out because what just happened to you is a horrible thing. But you'll get over it and end up better for the experience to keep your head high.

    2. The cops will try but there's not much they can do. I wouldn't count on them to find the car. It's OK to go look for the car. If you do see it, call the cops and wait for them to arrive.

    3. It could be a case of them just going for a joy ride, which means the car will show up in a few days.

    4. Look on eBay and other online places for your car. A lot of them are going this way now. You can also call the local shops that specialize in stangs.

    Anyway, good luck. I hope they find the rogue who did this.
  12. im sorry, this story has me speechless. i havent thought about this in a long time because i feel my car is secure. however, i can only imagine how you are feeling:(

    im going to buy that lock thing that goes on the brake pedal because of this thread.
  13. wow your not even safe in Kansas...
  14. ****, I know. I live in a good neighborhood that doesnt get any through traffic. Whoever took it must have known about the car.

    And I have tried to go to walmart and places like that to have a spare key made and they wouldnt do it because it had the chip in it. I told them I just wanted it incase if my keys get locked in the car but they still wouldnt do it.

    Its just a waiting game now with the police and insurance- I told them I was letting it warm up in my driveway and not once did they say that it wouldnt be covered because of that. I guess only time will tell, ill deffinetely keep you guys posted.
  15. maybe Overhauling has it :)
  16. +1 thats what i was thinking
  17. :rlaugh: that'd be awsome. But they don't wait around for you to leave it unlocked, they just gank it