Stolen: 2000 Mustang GT...

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  1. Congrats man! Let the mods begin!
  2. So do you have any extra cash from the mods on your old GT? Or do you have to start from scratch?

    Glad to hear it worked out for you.
  3. Sounds like insurance paid you well. I was pleasantly surprised when my insurance gave me $12,000 for my 99 GT with 75k that I was able to de-mod as well. :)
  4. i have about 2500 to lay down on parts right now. I need to tint the windows and put in an alarm system. I have frpp C springs of the way and I am going to call randy in the morning about getting a chin spoiler and grill delete. After that i think i am going to get a set of kooks headers with matching x pipe....

    Im practically a pro at this point with the LT installation, lol.
  5. What are your plans?
  6. no joke if this happened to me.... and i somehow came accross it with somebody driving it. omg, id be in jail.
  7. that's awesome....good to hear.
    have fun modding! :)

    have any plans for extra security measures or just going to be more careful about warming the car up?
  8. how much did you pay for the GT?
  9. what color? what color?
  10. Silver :shrug: If so, you should have switched it up and got something different ;)

    Glad things finally worked out for you even though you didn't actually get your car back. Think of this as an upgrade :nice:
  11. Im installing a viper 5900 alarm system with remote start. I had a viper 5000 on the one that got taken and I really liked it. The guy at the shop ordered me all the stuff I would need to install it so its going to be as safe as can be :)

    Here are some bad pictures of the car- ever since I got it, its been crappy outside :notnice: . On a brighter note, I got the windows tinted today..

    Ah yes, back to teh 4x4 look (dont worry, springs are in route to me :))
    Notice the toolbox WAITING in anticipation....
    SLP catback was already installed

    When its nicer and lowered, ill take some better pictures
  12. By the way, are these underdrive pullies? I have never installed a set so I dont know what they look like; I just know the crank and water pump pulley look different than my windsor motor. I couldnt get a decent picture of the crank, but here is a picture of the water/alt pulley-
  13. look like the stockers to me
  14. Nope....those are stock pullies. The '01-up had a different waterpump pulley than your '00 did. That's why it looks different.

    Underdrive pulleys us a small crank, big water pump and small alternator pulley to drive the system.
  15. ohhh ok, that makes sense!
  16. good to see your back on the road in a newer ride...did you ever find the car stripped or burned or anything?
  17. yeah that water pump is a stocker, cant tell about the alt, and would def. know when seeing the crank

    You like that silver huh?
  18. sweet new ride. How do you like the T3650 vs the T45
  19. The clutch pedal seems a lot lighter on it. I TOTALLY miss my MGW shifter, but I think I liked my T45 better... but then again I think the shifter is about WORN OUT so I cant pass any judgment until I get my MGW.

    I was hoping to get something other than silver, but I saw this car for a good price and it was really clean and ran great, so I bought it. I keep telling everyone they found my car and had to put a 30 day tag on it :)
  20. Guess it's time to have the Admins change your name to SilverBullet02, huh. :D