Stolen: 2000 Mustang GT...

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  1. Good call! Unfortunetly I have this name all over the web :(
    Im scarred for life!
  2. Congratulations, I'm happy you were able to find another one so quickly. :)
  3. Yeah when I first got the T3650 I really wasn't that impressed at all. But after I put the MGW in I love it, so much smoother than the T45. Oh yeah, no shift stops need to be set. :banana:
  4. :drool: your car
  5. Looks really good.Good luck with the new project!!! :nice:
  6. Good you had insurance that did the job :nice:
    I picked up my GT today and installed on it the LifeTrak security system.
    Works pretty same as LowJack using GPS and wireless data networks.
    Good part of it it's that you can check your car location directly on the web (if ya want to check where your wife is 'cruisin' :D ). With it comes a'Door unlock' option that if you jam the keys inside the car you just give them a call and they'll remotely open your car. I also took (+$75) remote engine disable system.
    All for that they want about $799 (not sure exactly as I 'made' the dealer to cover the costs :D)
  7. Sounds like a sweet system!

    REPORT- They found my car! It has been missing since the 18th of december and they found it this past thursday. It has been driving around this whole time with my license plate STILL ON IT. They found it in an abandoned parking lot- a neighbor called the police because she though it didnt look right, turns out it wasnt right. After many calls and red tape and other BS I finally got to see the car and look through it friday.

    It had side swiped something on the passenger side which completely riped off the side scoop and caused damage along side the front of the car. The side skirts and chin spoiler were all messed up- looks like they took it off roading! the inside was trashed, food wrappers, clothes, CDs, underwear (all probably stolen), many sets of pliers, hammers, random tools, slippers and then finally I noticed a box of 9mm rounds....SCARY! I kicked off the clothes on the back seat (I didnt touch ANYTHING) and scattered across the backseat were several 9mm bullets...

    Thank God the insurance paid out before they found it, there is no way I want that thing back now!!
  8. Glad they found it at least and congrats on the insurance and new ride. Pick up one of those remote start systems ... and then do a write up so I can install one too! :D
  9. I tried that already, it is a pain in the ass!! I think I just about got it, but I ran into other problems so I just took the damn thing off. Now Im just left with an alarm that is capable of remote start :(
  10. Hmmmmm, nice greasy fast food wrappers should make for some very detailed and incriminating fingerprints. That is of course assuming the local Police Service isn't too lazy to do the legwork.......which in most cases they usually are. :shrug:
  11. Seriously get on the cops asses and tell them that it was you pride and joy. And you want it dusted for finger prints to catch those bastards. Also metion the 9mm rounds you found in it. That might catch there attentions. Good luck man
  12. Show us some pictures.
  13. Yeah pics and also if you have time and ambition enough, pursue this case and try get whoever it was that stole it caught. Then kill them.