Stolen 70 Mustang Coupe Texas Help!!

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  1. Hello, I'm hoping someone here may have seen something regarding my 1970 Mustang Coupe candy blue with silver stripes that was STOLEN yesterday 5:10am CST from Treasure chest storage in cedar creek, texas.

    Security camera shows it being towed away by a late 80's early 90's chevy van.

    It's been my project since I was 13 and is very sentimental to me.

    Things that may stick out:

    Billet grille
    Big block 460 ford
    Poly-V belt setup
    Victor intake with EFI Bungs
    Mustang II front suspension
    Iron dove heads
    Dual sump oil pan
    candy blue with silver stripes
    Fuel tank has a sump
    Year One gauge bezel -autometer gauges

    Please, please, PLEASE!! forward this to others and keep a look out! I can be reached at 512 281 6588 or [email protected]

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  2. thieves are scum:fuss: check craigs list auto parts you may get lucky.
    my brother is on craigs list every day here in calif. from LA to Sacramento
    we will keep watch here .the sad thing is they will probably part it and sell the pieces . post an add locally someone may have seen somthing.i feel for you man
  3. They sure are....

    Ive been watching craigslist like a hawk. I keep trying to get away from the computer, but right now it's all I can focus on haha.
  4. was the car inside or out side? it is possible that one of the people using the storage area had something to do with it