Stopped By To Say Hello!

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  1. Most of you won't know me but I used to be REALLY active on the 94-95 tech and tune forums.

    I guess the talk forum for the 94-95 guys went away. I posted here because I wanted to reach some of the long time 94-95 members. I did see a few old timers still posting in the half hour or so I spent quickly skimming the threads.

    In a way, I guess things don't change all that much as I still see folks wanting to get to 300 or better by bolting on GT40 OEM Stuff. Hey ... We all want to live the Champagne Life on a Beer Budget ... Right?

    Good to see the forum continues to live and keep kicking. IMHO, I saw good tech info continues to be offered on the forum.

    I still got my old h/c/i 95 but haven't driven it in a while. Hello once again to the long term members who might remember me back in the days when it seemed everybody wanted to hang out and share 94-95 stuff.

  2. He lives!!! How have you been Grady? Long time since I have seen you bouncing around on the site.
  3. And they decided to ditch the talk forums and bunch all of us together to try and liven things up for social talking but still left the tech categories for specific years. Just happened a few days back,maybe a week at most.
  4. Hi Grady, good to hear from you. Want to thank you again for all the assistance you provided back when.
  5. Hello my friend... Thought about you a few months ago. :)
    Was in Arlington Texas with the Hot Rod Tour....:D
    Personally don't like the demise of the talk forum but life goes on... :shrug:

  6. Wonder where you been, good to have you back. Some of us oldies are still here.
  7. i don't think it's really didn't use any smiley faces. :stick:
  8. I had to look twice when I saw your avatar. Good to hear from you Grady. I moved on from my '95, but sometimes wish I had that old girl out there still. I had lost all reservations of just jumping into a project with that car, where as my new car I am only bolting on and loading preordered tunes. Plus with the money I have already spent on the new car, my '95 could be pretty bad ass now. Anyhow, how is the good life treating you? Anything new going on down in DFW with you?
  9. Yes it has been a long time since I posted here. Good to see some of the folks still here that I remember back in the ... Good Ole Days!
  10. Hey Richard !!!

    Good to see you still here! You wanting to thank me for assistance is something I find kinda funny.

    Without a doubt ... I got WAY more knowledge from the forums than what I gave. Seeing all you guys makes me wanna get "Ole Red" running again.

  11. Hi to you Sir. Good to talk to you once more!

  12. Hey Steve

    I was there myself. We might have seen each other but didn't know it. You still trying to make your boys see the tail end of your Stang?

  13. Joe ... AKA ... Penguin Smacker

    I always thought you had the best avatar!

    I've been around and from time to time, I have lurked around a bit on the forum but this time I felt it would be cool to say something!

  14. Ryan ... Whats up buddy? :banana:

    You remember me using ... as I thought of em ... The Little Guys :nice:

    Well maybe this post will look more like you are used to seeing :shrug:

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  15. Nick

    I'm just getting older and older. I got 6 Grandkids now. :crazy:

    I'm kinda retired but still do a bit of work on networks and fix a broken pc every now and then.

    I got a friend that is just about finished with a Fox Coupe project. He wants me to tune it but ... I've kinda been putting him off about it because ... I've just about forgotten what I need to do to even get started with all that tuning stuff. :scratch:

    You know what they say ... If you don't use it ... You loose it :doh:

    In my case ... Might be a bit of the Alzheimer thing starting to take hold :rlaugh:

  16. You haven't been forgotten, Grady. I remember you and your imparted wisdom quite fondly. As for "use it or lose it", I'll give you another phrase - it's just like riding a bike. You never really forget.
  17. Darn, now that would have been cool meeting there.... :D what a show... Took forever to get out of there!!
    Had one of the grandkids with me... we did the whole thing...

    Finally passed him up last year... Have about 50 hp on him now, he still has the stang but also has 2 kids so not much gets done on the stang... ;)
  18. Glad to hear things are going well with you Grady. You were the first one to answer one of my noob posts about an aftermarket intake, and therefore were always "that helpful guy" to me on the 94-95 forum when I first came around. As far as your grand kids multiplying, I have done that for my parents as well. I now have two young boys of my own ( 3 year old, and a 2 month old). Now that doesnt stop me from still having fun with the Stang, so tell that to your boy Steve! Maybe he just has you thinking he doesnt tool with it much, and before you know it he will pass you by again. I enjoy these types of posts, kind of a kumbaya moment if you will. Thanks for coming out of the woodwork Grady.
  19. Hey Matt

    I remember you as well. Back in those days ... All of the regular members shared bunches of info for sure. The forum was REALLY active. I remember a post would only stay on the first page for about half a day. Good to talk to you once more.