Storing an 07 Mustang GT for the nxt 6 Months - any tips?

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  1. For work - I have to leave for the nxt (6) six months - major city - so I don't want to bring the Mustang -
    I plan to do the following for Summer to Fall storage - please let me know if I'm missing something ...o_O

    My OCD runs deep and I'll probably have to fly back once in a while just to 'check' in on it .....but here's my plan -

    - Fully detail and wax it
    - Put it up on jack stands / car cover
    - take the battery out complete / electrical tape over connectors
    - change the oil / new filter beforehand (Mobile 1 synthetic)
    - fill the gas tank 95% - injector clean 1st (drive around a little ) then add fuel stablizer just before I leave (drive a little 'mix it in)
    - all CD's out of player - paperwork inside house -
    - Tape over exhaust tips - although it's in a sealed garage - and I've never had problems w/critters - maybe overkill -but ?
    - Booby trap garage / disconnect power to main door / slide poles through panels to track
    - I was thinking a small thing of baking soda for the interior - but I live in AZ - no moisture issues - plus it will be in a garage
  2. Don't forget to have a shaman come out and cast a protective ward over the car and the garage. You're good to go, otherwise.
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    6 months isn't terribly long.

    Unless your oil is due for a change, I'd leave the current oil in it and change it when you return.
    Put a regular car over the thing then zip it up inside of the carbag (or something like it) in the link above.
    Viola... No critters. Not even a spider.
  4. Hahahaha - Don't think .....even for a minute - that I may not consider this - casting a good protective 'spell' as I would call it or 'ward' - is just (1) one more insurance policy - I'll have google to find one in my area - thanks

    Noobz - thanks for you're advice as well - I just rented a storage space (w/A/C) for the new fusion - I plan on doing the same things above to it (oil already changed ) - as far as the oil for mustang - my date got pushed back a little for leaving - and the mustang gets no miles on it - so typically I change the oil - summer to winter and then back again for seasons - so it's due - maybe I can get that shaman for a two for one deal and throw in the storage space .......:confused:

    I researched and you are right (6) six months isn't too long - so thanks -
  5. I've heard about using dryer static-cling sheets, like Bounce, to keep rodents away; I am guessing the smell? Anyone confirm or deny this?

    Just take the precautionary steps you set yourself and you should be good.

  6. Heard it and tried it. It seems to work but here's the wrinkle (no pun intended). Unless you have someone who's going to toss in fresh ones every other week, they're not much use in the long term.
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  7. I heard to put cloth (new) rags under the windsheild wipers as well - helps w/storing them againist the glass - I wonder if that dryer static cling sheet trick works?
  8. I think it works it just doesn't last very long. Another story I heard is that the lil' varmints don't like the smell of peppermint. I'd thought about getting a large-ish bottle of that stuff and putting in a container with holes in it to see how long that would last and if it works.

    It's not one that I've had a chance to try yet.

    Whatever you do though... Don't put mothballs in your interior. The stink stays in the interior. Folks do use them for engine bays though.
  9. I hear you on that (mothballs) - I'm just going to very carefully detail and clean the interior (it's never even really dirty) - put the mats in the trunk - roll up the windows and then throw a few nice breathable sheets over the car - tape off the exhaust tips / bag the CAI - (not that they could get in anyway - (bullitt CAI - paper element ) - should be good enough in the garage -

    Peppermint - that's a new one - let me know if that works's been a lot of work keeping the 'new' car smell in the 07 for all these years (no food / no smoking / no one who has pets / no one in the back seat )

    The Fusion is a 2012 - w/blk cloth interior - looks and smells like it just rolled off showroom floor - my wife complains - b/c when I go to pick up "food' - I always take 'her' Volvo - and if we happen to be out and she wants her 'left-overs' from a dine in place - they 'go' in the trunk of the fusion and we 'have' to drive (no pit stops) with all the windows 'down' home .....hahaha - I have the ability to drive people nuts - known for it w/cars at the office - no one parks 'near me" - (I say I have a serious phobia w/door dings and I can get dangerous) .....gotta go I think found a respectable shaman for my storage needs on the net -
  10. you know, they make "new car smell" scented air fresheners
  11. Hahahaha
    If they could actually mimick the 'new' smell of a brand new car - new car sales would drop in 1/2 -
  12. I have heard that it is not good to leave a car on jack stands for a long time unless the suspension is supported. All the weight from the wheels, calipers, rotors hanging in the breeze could do more harm than good. Has anyone else heard this?
  13. That's a good question - maybe support it under the front control arm? - looks pretty thin - looks like it would bend - maybe (6) jack stands - hold the weight of the car in the center - and put one jackstand under ea. control arm - just to hold the weight of the wheel assembly as a whole :shrug:
  14. If you are only looking @ 6 months storage I wouldn't worry about putting it on jack stands. Your best bet is to just go find some junk yard spares to throw on if you are worried about flat spots on your good tires.
  15. Well that's not a bad idea - you lay your tires w/rims "flat' w/cardboard in-between ea. of the tires stacked vertically - but I like the security aspect of having it 'up' on jack stands -