storing the car for the winter

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  1. soon the roads here will be covered in ice and salt and the mustangs will be doing lots of sitting. They will be driven on the "nice" days, like when the roads are dry and somewhat clear of salt, but will probably sit for a month or two.
    You classic guys recommend any particular brand of fuel stabilizer for the fuel that will most likely sit in there this winter?
  2. Sta-bil. for the fuel. jack up the tire pressures to max psi (probably 44 psi rating) to prevent flat spots and change the oil before you store it. start it up at least every 2 weeks, allow it to get to operating temp then make a quick lap around the block if you can. at bare minimum move it so the tires arent sitting in the same spot. you could go as far as throw a desiccant bag in the interior to absorb some moisture.
  3. I also like Stabil and I add STP gas treatment to absorb water. The car goes up on the stands so I can start it every 2 weeks to let it idle in gear to keep the drivetrain gears lubricated.
  4. And crank the windows down half an inch. If you own a Mach with the composite hood just release the latch to take pressure off the scoop. I leave mine in gear rather setting the emergency brake just in case it decides to get a little rusty from condensation.