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  1. my friend has a 99 cobra and he wants to go catless and straight no exaust. he knows it ilegal obviously but he wants to know if it will mess anything up besides the environment running it with no tune? I have a 97 but would never go catless since i live in the city and have to pass emissions.
  2. x or h pipe with no cats, decent mufflers and dump them right after the muffler if that's what he is looking for
  3. Yup, at least run mufflers. Without mufflers, the exhaust would be deafening, literally (ie hearing damage). It would no doubt get attention from the local authorities for noise violations if nothing else. Besides, not as if it costs more than a couple horsepower running without mufflers. And your friend will feel stupid when the car so loud you can barely stand to drive it, yet many modern sedans and sports cars would easily beat you in a drag race while being smooth and quiet.
  4. Not to mention if he was to rip the cats and mufflers off the car he'd probably shift the torque curve up higher in the powerband and make the car an absolute dog to drive in the street.

    SO yeah, the car will sound loud and nasty, but it will be slower as the HP you do gain will be in the higher RPM band. So unless he drives around at WOT, it's not as usable as low-end torque

    I've watched countless friends when i was a teen do this...and then wonder why they lost time in the 1/4 mile.
  5. Catless here too

    The car will sound like ass without mufflers
  6. That will result in a loss of too much back pressure and you'll lose a lot of good street able power. Not to mention it will sound like flat out garbage. You'll be making hellacious noise while going next to nowhere to back it up. lol