Straight Line Ram Air Systems

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  1. Todays question to the Gurus --- I have been researching functional ram air hoods for my upcoming project car, and most if not all are designed on the premise that the air is to be redirected to the current stock intake location on the side of the engine bay.

    Has anyone in their travels come across a company that either produces a straight line ram air system or fabricates pieces to adapt existing ram air systems to a ford engine bay, ala corvette style?


    My other question really surrounds the functionality of ram air systems, either direct straight line or those that redirect to the OEM position --

    1. doesnt bending the airflow ( no ram air - std OEM intake location) have a negative effect on performance?
    2. doesnt bending from the front of the ram air hood, over to the oem position, and then back into the intake also have a negative effect on performance?

    Thanks for the thoughtful responses, references and referrals....

    Nicky D
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  3. dude.... you are the man --- two extra dollars in your stangnet forum paycheck this week, my friend!

    Nicky D