Strange Rattle in Right Rear Wheel Area

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  1. Anyone else hear of this problem...there is a really strange rattle, somewhat loud, that's coming from my right rear wheel area. It only starts at highway speeds, is very intermittent and starts and stops for no apparent reason. The only common element when it does occur is that increased vibration sometimes changes the tone and frequency. At first I thought there was something wrong with the Flowmaster muffler I had installed so I had it replaced with the same thing but to no avail. It seems like it's some kind of strange exhaust problem but others have slapped in a Flowmaster muffler with no problem. Any advice on what I should do? :shrug:
  2. Is it comming from inside or outside the car? I have pieces on my dash and door that sometimes want to vibrate at certain RPMS.. I also have flowmasters.
  3. OMG i am getting the same noise in the same area: near the right rear wheel. The wierd thing is that it started happening the day after i got my strut bearing bushings fixed for the wheel popping noise. I can't believe i have to take it in to the dealership again. If anyone finds out what the problem is please let me know because i am getting pissed off with the noise and the problems this car is having.
  4. Hey pwhite05....I wonder if we're hearing the same thing? I posted this exact question on the other Stang site and got a reply that sounds more likely. The reply came from a guy who had an after-market muffler installed and it turned out to be that the brackets were rattling against the muffler as the exhaust system heated up and expanded, every so slightly, the muffler itself. He moved the brackets and the problem disappeared. I'm hoping that's the solution for me but I'm not holding my breath. Do you have an aftermarket muffler or stock? As for the sound, the best I can describe it is that it almost (repeat; almost) sounds like that bad-gas or "car needs a tune-up" rattling engine knock...but more metallic and tinny. I'll poke around my recently installed Flowmaster and see what I see.

    As for other sounds and glitches in the 05 although some say it's because Ford hasn't worked out some bugs I hate to say I don't believe that. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my 05 V6 but let's face it, the Mustang (V6 or GT) never was nor will it ever match something like a Jag or Porsche or Mercedes in terms of quality components, fit, finish, etc. There's a reason the Stang is a $20-$30,000 car and not a $50,000 + vehicle.
  5. Add me to the list of ratting rear ends... well, my car at least. :rolleyes:

    I also have an aftermarket muffler and pretty much came to the same conclusion as the guy who had his hangers adjusted. I'm going to take it to my muffler guy tomorrow and see what he says... will post afterwards if I have any news.

  6. I went to my dealership and there is a new fitment to stop the noise. It's free to repair. Mine will be completed monday
  7. My car is completely stock 120rir. I don't have an aftermarket muffler but im almost 99% sure its the same noise that we are getting. The good thing is that we can all get these problems fixed before the warranty runs out.
  8. I have the same noise too. It started when i got the bearings and gas tank replaced. If anyoe finds out what it is post it up.
  9. Don't know if this is what going on with yours but I had the knocking (rattling) sound coming from my right rear wheel also, only when driving, idle was fine. When I was putting on my axle-back muffler and had the car up on lifts I noticed the brake line to the rear wheel was hanging down. On closer inspection I saw there was a clamp or braclet (don't know tech term) that holds the brake line to the under body of the car, only mine wasn't attached. Looked closer and saw the bolt head was sheared off and the bracket was just hanging loose, figured when I was driving it just starts swinging and hits the body of the car. Had to get the old bolt body out and put a new one in, no problems since. Bad thing is it came from the dealer like that.
  10. I FOUND IT!!! Finally, after two months of living in rattle hell and the guys in the muffler/exhaust shop treating me like some kind of retard, I found the source of my rattle. It is (was) indeed related to the installation of my Flowmaster; all it was was a single steel rod brace that was welded to the back of the muffler ("back" in the case referring to end of the muffler closer to the front of the car) that hooked into a bracket on the frame. Surprisingly, when the car/exhaust is cold, there's about a 1/8 inch gap between the rod and the bracket. However, when the exhaust system heats up, everything expands and pushes that rod right up to the bracket where vibration from the moving vehicle causes it to rattle. That seemingly tiny contact point resonated through the muffler and through the entire right rear wheel area. I can't wait to tell the "I've been doing exhaust for 15 years.." unbeliever at the muffler show that metal expands when it's heated...potentially causing problems you wouldn't consider when the system was cold.