strange shocks and struts Q?

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  1. i just got my tax return and im thinking of getting new shocks and struts. will the strange adjustable ones realy make that much of a difference in the quarter mile. keep in mind my old ones are terribly worn out. im just looking for something to get me some decent 60 footers. or would i be better off getting like a new mass air meter since i dont have a good one yet. thanks for your opinions!
  2. come on i need some help here folks. i got money burnin a hole in my pocket. it seems like the boards are slow lately, ahh oh well!
  3. i have their struts currently installed with stock rear shocks. in the near future im going to be adding their rear shocks. i think there nice pieces and for the money you cant beat em.

    sorry i dont have any 60ft times for ya but i do recall seeing some folks getting some pretty good #s with them.

    is your car mainly for the strip? the reason i ask is if you just basically drive it on the street then just go ahead and get your MAF if thats what you want. and the reason i say this, is just because you can set them for strip duty doesnt mean you want to be driving that way on the street so your not gaining anything there.

    but just for a little more info, of the 10 settings (#10 being the tightest) on the struts i drive on the street with them set at 5. im not sure how that compares to stock but the drivability seems to be pretty close to my old stockers. and from what ive read from people who have experimented a little more with these is if you have a 5spd, usually you get the best results at the track with them set at #2. when set at #1 you could find your front end lifting too quickly which ends up unloading your rear tires. automatics seem to fair better when set a #1.