Strange Squeaking Noise

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  1. Hello,
    recently i've been having a squeaking noise coming from what seems to be under the car near the dirvers side. It gets faster when i get the revs up in neutral. Its embarassing becauser my stang is so nice and clean but that damn squeaking noise :( please any suggesstions are appreciated!! Thanks!
  2. Info would be useful when you ask for help. Is it a automatic, manual shift? Is it coming from the front driverside, rear? Video post of the noise in neutral possibly so we can hear what you are hearing?
  3. Tensioner pulley will squeak some times ,if you can hear it increase when the rpm's increase it is probably something in the pulleys ,maybe a bearing going bad or it could be the belt . Lift the hood ,have some rev the motor and you should be able to tell where it is coming from.
  4. If it's a 5 speed and this is from under the car, could be throw out bearing.

  5. That is what I was thinking also.
  6. If it is a throw out bearing you should be able to hear a difference when you press the clutch pedal and release it ,unless the bearing is adjusted to tight and it is constantly turning .
  7. Okay guys sorry I've been soooo busy with work. I tool a video idling it and pressing the clutch and releasing it and revving it a little. The clutch didn't affect it. I'll upload it and post a link when I'm home and have wifi. Appreciate all the replies. This noise is so frustrating. Thanks

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    Here you go. Sorry guys ive been so busy I'm a college student and I work. The noise doesnt sound that loud in the video but in person its pretty noticable. My phone was set right behind the front left wheel. Also at the beginning of the video i was pressing and releasing the clutch and it didnt have an effect on it. I also turned the AC on and off. Tips and help are greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. From what I could hear, I'm inclined to say its the belt or the tensioner pulley. Get under the hood and just listen around while the car's'll certainly get a better idea where the squeaking is coming from if that is the case.
  10. Okay and how do i quiet a pulley?? just lube it? Thanks
  11. If it is the tensioner pulley the pulley probably needs to be replaced ,
    the bearing is probably bad . It is a sealed bearing .
  12. Is replacing it an easy job?
  13. Fairly simple ,after you remove the belt it has three bolts holding the tensioner to the front of the block and a through bolt holding the pulley to the tensioner assembly.
    not sure if you can buy the pulley buy its self ,or if you have to buy the whole assembly though
  14. Auto Zone has the pulley for $20 by its self or the whole assembly for $40 ,the pulley would be all you would really need.
  15. What you can also do as I used to do in the good old days is take a long screwdriver or probe or anything of a 1 ft length and stick it against the pulley and put your ear to the other end, almost all the time you can isolate the gremlin by doing that. The sound will come thru the instrument of choice for you to figure where it is coming from. I also used one of those Stethoscope, I think I still have it too. Nice way to isolate a gremlin such as yours.