Street Demon + Aod?

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  1. I ordered the new Street Demon carb from Summit to try on my stock 289, and eventually on a mildly-built 302/AOD combo. However, while reading through the owners manual, I found the disclaimer "will not work with AOD transmissions" in bold print under the Ford kickdown section. Is this a standard disclaimer for new carbs, or can you guys see any reason that I can't fab up a bracket for a TV cable on this linkage (see pic) or any other AOD-related issues? I need to send it back if it's going to be a problem down the road.

  2. Maybe you can call the tech line and ask them? Or look into like a LOKAR cable that is for the AOD conversion, and ask them if they work with the new Demon carbs...
  3. I'll try that. I kinda figured they'd give me a canned answer, but maybe not.
  4. Took a little while to get someone on the phone, but the guy was helpful and seemed knowledgeable. The Carb is the same as any other; must be modified to work with a TV cable. Otherwise, no issues.
    I guess after a few bad experiences over the years, I'd put the help lines out of my head. It honestly never crossed my mind to call the manufacturer. Duh!
  5. Silverfox Transmissions posted this in the Click Click Racing forums:

    "Constant pressure IS NOT the solution for sure. It requires the pump to work itself 100% of the time, increasing side load to the pump gears and pump bushing...and also increases pressure on all trans components as seal...rings mainly...they are subject to the side load of all that pressure for no reason. They will wear out the stator or the rings, or both in terms of constant use such as a daily driver. When these components fail is totally unknown.
    When you pick up a penny on the sidewalk, to you flex your muscle and pinch the living hell out of it just to lift it and put it in your pocket? No you use just the right amount of force/effort it takes to move it from A to B. Or does your heart pound @ 200 beat per second all day to maintain life...nope...just what it has to.
    Well with constant pressure you are asking the trans to flex its muscle and beat its heart as hard it can 100% of the time."

    My car sees 15k miles+/year, so I don't think I want to go that route. Besides, there are probably millions of AODs on the road in variable pressure factory applications. I think the fear of the TV is forum-bred hyperbole to some extent. There are a lot of Bubbas out there working on these things and they're not killing that many AODs. If the installation is right and a little attention paid to maintenance of the cable, I just don't see any major issues.
  6. Backfire did u ever set up the demon carb with aod i was just on the demon web page and it has a hole on the linkage for the gm700r it should be the same as the ford aod

    What did you end up doing i am thinking of doing the same thing
  7. i guess then we need to rip out all those C4s and C6s and other transmissions that had constant pressure through the transmission so we can save those front pumps from wearing out all the time. which they dont seem to do.
  8. Holley (which Demon and QFT seem to have ripped off the design, what patents?) has sold an arm adaptor or extension for Ford. If Demon does not offer one, I would start with the Holley bracket.