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Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Big Don, Aug 20, 2001.

  1. It's reborn;)
  2. Don, you beat me to it! IO had the same idea after seeing that they locked the original thread. Any points awarded for second place? :D

    Welcome back to the BEST THREAD EVER!
  3. Muahahahah!!!!

    And my official name is in the title!!!!

    Thats it....when I hit 1500 posts....that WILL be my custom title!!! Mark my words!! I have found it!!!

    Then when Big Don hits 1500...He will be vice-master of all things automotive!!!!

  4. By the time I hit 1500 hundred i might think of something else, because you have that title on *click clak* lockdown:D
  5. haha.

    only 1000 more for you Big Don!
  6. Yeah, but that will take a long time. but this new thread will really help me out!:D ;) :D
  7. awesome! wonder how long we can beat this one to death? such great memories in that last one.

    Do we have any engineers in here? I'm going to college to become one, any advice besides stay awake in class. I have already failed that. :rolleyes: ;) :p
  8. I'm going into mechanical Engineering at Auburn University next year. Anyone ever heard of it;) You are going to have to study hard and yes, staying awake is key. I am planning on getting a masters in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on drivetrain engineering. My ultimate goal: I want people to look at their Cobra engines and see my signature stamped on the plate.
  9. Yes I have heard of mechanical engineering and that's what I'll most likely do. I, too, plan on designing engines and such. If al else fails, I'll go into computer engineering and work for Bill Gates. I plan on getting my masters in engineering but will work for a doctorate also. :D :cool:
  10. I meant had you heard of Auburn, not mechanical Engineering:p
  11. Ahhh! Yes, I do believe so. :cool: Orange and white, correct? Has an orange A on white helmets? Let me know if I'm wrong. :cool:
  12. The auburn tigers. Too bad they aren't as good as the LSU TIGERS!!!!! :D
  13. not before me you aint :D
  14. Orange, White and Navy Blue. Yes, they are indeed the tigers.

    Boss, I'm sorry, but I live in Alabama, and if UAB, which is about 15 miles from my house, beat LSU, which they did, Auburn would as well.
  15. Big Don, Auburn is only like 30minutes from my house. I live in Midland, if you don't know where that is, it is right next to Columbus, Ga right across from the River that separated Ga and Al.
  16. I am in Mechanical Engineering at LSU. I am strating my fourth year. The biggest key is to do well in all the little classes that you take that don't count for much. Because once you get into the harder classes you GPA will fall. Go to all your classes the first week or two then you will get a feel for the ones you can skip every now and then to study for another class or to just get a break. Come to think of it maybe that is why some of my grades are not what they should be. If you think you are going to need help in a class... get it before it is too late. I have a ton of respect for anyone who can get a masters or Dr. after going through the hell that you go through to get a BS in any engineering.
  17. I won't have a problem with class, maybe the work. I've always been a good student but high school was a joke. I'm going to a community college right now and it's nothing but high school grads. I can't wait till I get to OSU (GO POKES) and start learning the higher sh!t. College is great btw, lots of hot girls.
  18. Just another reason why women should not be allowed to drive. Especially if it is a car that fast. :D

    (No offence to any women that read this)