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  1. My cat's breath smells like tuna
  2. Who thinks I should get a black spoiler? I found one in pristine condition for $65, but want some opinions before I buy it. Can someone take a picture off my site and change the spoiler to black so I can see what it looks like?
  3. Whats your site?
  4. Well you could've clicked on the "website" button under my post or type in
  5. yeah, you're right, I could have, if I knew about that button. Sheesh, thats the thanks I get for this:
  6. and this:
    By the way, I might lose the Type R decal, its kinda ricey! :D
  7. LOL, the Type-R sticker is coo
  8. ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!:D :D Jamez, just because you got a shift kit doesn't make you a type r. :D :cool:
  9. Heres a lil somethin for those who wanna see the Phantom headlight covers:
  10. pheww! This thread was at the bottom of the page!
  11. It had almost been put out of existence?????!!!!!?????
  12. almost out of the existence of firstpagedom!! hehe :D
  13. hey guys. wanna have some fun? go to nobody from what i can see posts there. we could be the first.
  14. Anybody seen American Outlaws? I saw it last night and thought it was a good movie. I'm wondering if some of it was true. Anybody know about the history of Jesse James? Rush Hour 2 was good also. Now I just need to go see American Pie 2. :cool:
  15. Hey, I posted a thread in the mods and projects forum. Go check it out.
  16. I saw American Outlaws opening night, Rush Hour 2, and American Pie 2 opening night. All three were quite good in my opinion, which marks the first time I've ever seen three consecutive movies that I enjoyed. Maybe that's because I picked them instead of my girlfriend.. Hmm...

    I don't think American Outlaws was all that accurate historically, though I'm no expert on that period of US history.
  17. You HAVE to see American Pie 2 DC, I already told you that:p
  18. I know but I never have anybody to go with. All of my friends either work or have something else planned. I'm thinking I'm going to go see it by myself this week. :rolleyes:
  19. By the way I finally got to clean my car today. It feels great to be in a clean car again.:p
  20. :D :D You can do mine now.:D :D