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  1. What the hell?!?! The last thread we did like this was 6 pages by now. You guys need to get your lazy asses postin' damnit. ;) :D
  2. Has anybody here actually watch Bullit? I just rented the movie over the weekend, and I must say that it has one of the best chase scenes I've ever seen. No annoying music, just the revving of the engines and the honking of horns as the other drivers get angry.

    To quote Eric Cartman, "SWEET!"
  3. I NEED to see Bullitt, just like someone else NEEDS to see another movie;) You know who you are.
  4. SIR YES SIR!!!!
  5. I might go tonight. Happy? :rolleyes: ;)
  6. Well, I went and saw "Jay and Silent Bob" I thought it was pretty funny. Girls were hot, farts were kickin'. I loved the movie. I'll never see it again but I loved. Maybe I'm one of those stoners. ;) Anyway, why aren't you guys posting. I know most of you are at work and I know NONE of you are working. :D
  7. Wow, I was gone all weekend and look at the excitement I missed! Everyone saw movies, Don washed his car, we almost got lost in the barren wastes of the dreaded "second page", I better writye some nonsense or a flame or someithng to get this thing BACK to the top of the page and BACK to being the favorite thread of all with nothing better to do all me!


    {pointing at a rock} Thats where I saw the leprechaun, he tells me to burn things!

    front wheel drives sucks pipe! Imports are girls cars!

    How's that for starters? C'mon ya'll BRING IT ON!!!!
  8. fwd sucks monkey balls
  9. hmmm...I can agree with that.

    Today in this college class I'm taking, a married woman was staring at me. I asked her if she needed anything and she said "I need you." I said today after class. She said ok. Guess where I'm at right now...........................DREAMLAND!!!:D No really, I made friends with a fine ass 20 something year old married woman. Another girl in the class is fine as hell, she wore something that should not be allowed outside the **** stage. WOW!:eek: :D

    *edited for grammer purposes. If I missed something let me know. :rolleyes:
  10. DC, savor that shiz dude, I WISH so bad I was still in college. Its been 5 years now, and I miss it everyday. At my girls. None. All my pals are married and stuff so they're usless when it comes ot hitting the town to meet people. What am I rambling about? Who knows...but my point is, take advantage of it you lucky sonuva...!!!! :D
  11. hmm...I feel a road trip coming on. Maybe I'll cruise out to SF, CA if I can get some fine girls. ;) :p
  12. Oh HELLS yeah!!! We'll hit SF, Broadway style! Lets see, with our spacious rear seats, I figure you could get 7 girls in the back. So thats 3 for me, 3 for you...and 1 wants the last one?
  13. I'll need company on the way back. :rolleyes: :eek: :D :p
  14. BTW guys..............

    .........i'm a SUPER STALLION!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. nycivicsi sucks monkey balls


    Guys, if we ever want to break records with this thread, you need to take Silver's approach. FLAMEON.
  17. I fit 7 people in the 2000 convertible in Panama City. 3 guys and 4 girls, it was a tight fit. God times there, any else ever been to PC?
  18. Wow, thats good numbers...and good odds! :p
    Never been myself. Howwas it? I'm actually curious as to how you actually got 7 people in a vert....
  19. Darn....I lose with only 6 in my vert.....:D:D

    Big Don is ugly.