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Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Big Don, Aug 20, 2001.

  1. Hey, look at me!

    Oh, nevermind. :spot:

    To keep with the subject of the thread, I wonder how many more non-counting posts I have to get before my title changes :jester:.
  2. Where did this come from!?!?!?!?!:shrug:
  3. Something has got to be amiss in the world when I get a reply notification in my inbox from stangnet. Who dug this up?:shrug:
  4. Well, last I recall DC accidently hit some "hide" button and hide it from himself, so I thought this was totally gone. Maybe some moderator decided to try to reconcile all of us with this thread.

    Works for me though. :banana:
  5. Damn..... this is an oldie but goody!

    Remember DreadPyrate.... I thought he and I were supposed to get married.... what the hell.. he forgot about me.
  6. AND DON!!!!!!!! OMG, you're a stranger!!!!

  7. Yeah thats what i was sayin when i checked my email.:jaw: I;m glad its back though, maybe things will start to get more interesting around here again. :nice:
  8. The only stang I own anymore is the '69, my dad owns the 2000 convertible, so I don't come around anymore. Good to see my old thread lives on though.
  9. me too...

    just wanted to be part of the family.... here's my two cents. (actual worth may vary)
  10. in the hizzy for sheezy... wowzas :chair: die post die lmao
  11. Fudge, I don't know if I've posted here yet!
  12. Whatever happened to that Stangnet member RON JEREMY in here?? I haven't seen any of his posts in a while now.
  13. ?

    What ever happend to DC?? I think I missed something:shrug:
  14. Just thought this should go back to the front page. :):jester:
  15. This is too funny. It seems like every board has one of these "neverending threads"
  16. it was ending until your brought it up again..

    but I guess in informing you of this, i too am contributing.:D
  17. now how did i find this?:shrug:
  18.'s kind of refreshing to see an E-mail notification about this every now and then.
  19. Well I just haven't posted in here yet.....Sooooo
  20. well, i guess somebody's gotta bring this thread back up from time to time.:shrug: