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Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Big Don, Aug 20, 2001.

  1. *Linz reads though all previous pages of this thread and remembers the good ole days.....*

    I want some pizzas and brownies:nice:

    But I don't like the idea of people stealin my cobra!!!
  2. Holly 5x times post batman :eek: :eek: :jaw:
  3. christ! i think you just broke a record, linz...:doh: :eek:
  4. das off da hezzie fo shezzie

    never seen 5x post

    and we have a winner
    never stay up till 2 reading through pages of this thread, it has influenced me in ways i cannont explain. SOMEONE HELP ME!!:spam:

    PS- had th throw in the spam thingy, never seen it posted b4
  5. HOLY BALLS...................i just realized i was on page 61. that's f'ed up, but sweet as F***
  6. i found Nemo
  7. and on to page 62
  8. Thats quite a few posts.
  9. And before heading to work at 5:00 A.M. it is good to once again see that I started something that refuses to die.
  10. Work at 5:00 like the later shifts. I work from 5:30pm - 1:00 am.
  11. yey! got a post in.... uhmm, i think this is my first. How lost have i been for the last oh.... 1566 POSTS? :D

    are we actually allowed to have a place to post whore?
  12. I always enjoy seeing that this thing is still going and always happy to see an email that someone brought it back up. :) But it used to be a lot more entertaining but i guess that was before every one stopped posting much.
  13. From rereading all the previous posts, I realized that I am engaged still! (To Dread Pyrate!)

    Do ya'll remember when Hardly Legal came over to my house to visit!? Those were good times. He and I went skiing!
  14. anyone in here listen to New Found Glory?
  15. You mean does anyone listen to CORPORATE punk rock with kids dancing around with their guitars ACTING like rock stars?

    Not me.

    I prefer the real thing. :)
  16. I like Linkin park!! :hail2: :lock: just saying that great name might lock this thread up!:jester:
  17. Nemo was easy to find.. i'm still trying to find Waldo in that one page full of Faldos :rolleyes: :nonono:
  18. lol you ever see that site where it says FIND WALDO, and its at a carnival, and as you are looking, they are playing carnival music.
    and after a minute and a half a scary face pops up and it screams.

    hahaha that thing scares me everytime i watch it, i always jump off my chair.
  19. is early....but that is the cost of being a merchandiser for Budweiser!:nice:
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    click on spot :jester: