Street racing?!?!?

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  1. OK mods..... , before you lock this down, and give me da BANT. PLZ read Why is it that after F&F people either look at street racing as kewl and do it at the dumbest times duing the stupidest conditions, OR looks at it like lsredy2kstang and anyone who mentions it they get between irate or mildly preterbed. i say a sanctioned track has 1 advantage and only one compaired to a properly scouted street location and thats the EMT. thats it everything right down to the cops i could argue/ friendly debate over. so what are your feelings and why??? simple question this is the only forum with a sticky on it so id like to see why and who stand where on a friendly debate scale no personal attacks please

    P.S. if dis is :lock: or Bant worthy you are teh gehy:notnice:
  2. Theres also the light system to give a non-bias start for both parties, and a timer to declare how much a person won by.
  3. hmmm i like the hot chick in the games and movies that does the starting :shrug: J/K but i like going off a person flagin g the start because as unbiased as the tree is if u never raced before at a track you could be easily .5 behind off the start alone whereas there really is nothing to jump off with a person just "saying go" as for times, as long as my GT got into the 9.30's to 9.20's i didnt/don't care how much i lost or won by, and as for the street i hate to say this:nonono: but as corny and gehy as he said it Vin diesle was right it don't matter by how much ya win, just have the 2 sptters at the end and as long as they agree on who won then thats it. on the street you mesure by carlenths not tenths of seconds which is how i grew into the racing world thinking, and i feel its better than knowing the tenhs that you won by either you did or you didnt
  4. Exactly, where the hell are they in real life? Also, I've never seen Ludacris at any of them(if you saw 2f & 2f)! Oh I saw an eclipse today that had a banner on his windshield that said 2fast & 2furious. :nonono:
  5. those are teh gehy, when i hung wit da ricer croud they all wanted NOS after F&F then NX and the F&F brands after 2F 2F. i had the infamouse purple ZEX dry kit (they laughed till they lost ;)). plot and acting in the first was 10X's better than 2F2F, as was the hero charger, but back on topic.
  6. im really interested in lsredy2kstangs views and why hes got em
  7. Well, I guess alot of "kids" get V6 mustangs and then they go around and race them around because kids are normally just stupid like that. So, I guess he doesn't want to give them ideas.
  8. troof but hes like major anti christ with it, as in 50' long supository on it. imean he just SEEMS that way with the sticky and he responces to people on it i dont go glamourizing it around anywhere but damn are his feelings and bielief huge on it i was just hopin to understand what made it so, but the kid thingy makes sence
  9. I say if weather conditions are favorable, traffic is none and it's a 2+ lane highway where I know cops are scarce, I'm good to go lol. Sadly my 4 banger got more races than my sixer.
  10. why do i either get races by 6ers or Vettes:nonono: neither is woth my time or gass.
  11. I've seen people mention it before and he didn't say anything about it. He seems to be more against it when people want to set it up/ask about/ask everyone if they do it ect. When people mention kill stories, they don't get locked. Oh, and I'm the anti-christ of CAI...:banana:
  12. STFU :mad: I have a vette and a V6 :( :suicide:

    Think of it as an easy win(the V6's atleast). It'll make you feel better.
  13. no dising the 6ers but with my 3.73's its a total walk then they fel bad about thier stang and some ricer buddy of thiers says well my 135hp civic< flywheel hp) took one last week so he trades in the stang for a civic and anotherone bites the dusta nd thats not what i want
  14. yes well your vette would kill me and id walk you 6er facts of life but you ide still run cause i KNOW you hate rice almost as much as out italian friend OX
  15. My vette only puts out 160hp :( That will be changing soon. Right now, she's down to just the block and pistons, so pretty much anything can beat her. :rlaugh:
  16. i thought u said it has a 427 or some chit...DO YOUR HW!!!!!!
  17. No, I was saying I might get an LS1 engine for her... What's HW? ;)
  18. LOL..............NOW GO!!!!!
  19. This thread is kinda funny...but I can't figure out why.:scratch::rlaugh:

    The thing about street racing is people die. Do they all the time? NO! Not even most of the time. But there's still a helluva lot more SR fatalities than there are injuries at tracks.

    The way I see, no matter how well I know how to control a car, there is no telling how stupid the other driver may be. Add the fact that they're actually driving a Civic, and you're going 100mph next to a total retard in a ~3000lb weapon.:rlaugh:

    When I moved to the UCF area as a freshman there was a Street Racing fatality. A Civic was racing a '96-'98 Cobra. Dumbass in the Civic loses it and kills himself and his girlfriend. Two days later, Deputies show up at the Ford dealer parts dept. and arrest the Cobra driver for vehicular manslaughter. IMO, the Cobra driver was not responsible for the dead guys crappy driving "skillz", but that's the country we live in. Guy's life is ruined over a stupid race.

    So I made that long post to say...
    Street Racers = Stupid
    Stupid + Car + speed = Dead/butt raped in prison shower

    And Finally
    Street Racing = Darwinism
  20. I do a lot of street racing but not on the streets like you guys might think im not one of those retarded people that stand at red lights and challenges people just to prove himself im not like that if somone wants to race me i kno where there is a street lil bit longer then 1/4 mile and i do a lot of racing there its a 2 lane street no houses are around there and plus no cops most of the time there is more then 5 cars that wants to race but they do not park by the streeet that just askin tog et hit i mean most people look at street racing like in some movies or video games or some video of stupid rich kids that hooked their car up and wants to race the world NO thats just asking to get killed you should race safely and resposebly most of the time the person that races wants to impress their friends or viewers so he does somethin stupid and looses control. people need to think about wat they do before they do it another thing is i never tested my car out for a time yet because its closed for now. but nobody wants to waste 20 bucks every day racing i mean thats my point when the track opens ill take my car out see wats my time then ill work on my car to imporve it until then i wont
    and when you loose a race you should feel bad eough to trade your car wtf and i kno a lot of ricers like to talk their mouth and then when they get smoked they are depressed you shouldnt talk your smack unless you can back it up
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