Street racing?!?!?

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  1. When people say street racing, every body has a different veiw, some think th F&F scene, some think about 2 cars a a clear road going at it, Some think race around the whole city block.. Whatever there take is on street racing, the more people you have and more populated area, your going to have crashes and injuries and death. I street race, but its 2 cars late night on a abandoned road, no houses, no cops, just clear road. You have to use common sense, which unfortunatly most people seem to lose when they have there cars and friends around, trying to impress everyone. If your going to do it, at least be smart about it.
  2. One form is legal, the other is illegal.

    /end of thread.
  3. except for the fact that US 19 > sunshine speedway for tire traction and thats teh troof!
  4. street racing is a sensitive subject to many people.
    it didnt come around when the whole F&F trend started. street racing has been around for a long ass time. but yeah, everyone has a different view on what exactly it means. some think of it as its depicted in the movies, 150+ car all lined up on a closed road and 2 -4 cars racing each other at once & people placing bets. Engage will tell you that there are a few places around here that do that... Gandy Bridge for example, except for the fact that when you race on Gandy you would have todo it fast since the cops patrol that area like crazy on saturday nights. Some think of it as it is in the video games, driving around & challengeing people to race... and well its like that too. The fact is that street raceing is anything from stop light to stop light, 60-100mph from a roll, just messing around with friends or a stranger in traffic (cause technically, youre still racing), all the way to where theres 20 or more cars & people hanging out & placing a few bets on this and that. For the most part everyone has done one of those things... maybe not to the most harsh degree, but you've messed with a buddy on the highway or tryed showing off to another car or even just got on it real quick when another stang or camaro or ricer or whatever pulled along side you. So to say that it is stupid is correct, people can get hurt... but its not the fact that people can get hurt, its the fact that when you do it you raise the percentage of hurting someone or yourself (cause people get hurt everyday, but you DONT need to add to it by being stupid & careless), cause you cannot control what the people do around you. I know ive done some stupid sh1t while driving... especially in the mach:D but for what its worth i do think its fun (flame if you want, i could give a sh1t) but at the same time i think its stupid to do when you put other people in danger while doing it. But for the most part a majorty of peopl have done it and/or will do it, but it is (and im not saying this to sound biased) more of the ricers who do the stupid, careless, crazy sh1t while driving cause they think its like it is in the movies and they think there civic, integra, celice, or even there supra can handle anything the highway and other people throw at it, but they really have no idea how to controll a car at 100+mph or even how to drive with common sense for that matter.
    well i could keep going but ill stop for now cause you guys get the basic point
  5. Personally, I have had too much money put into me to die racing a civic.
  6. i think people are too afraid to stop while they r racing and they thinks its too dangerous at that point
    i think most people r too afraid to stop the race because the other person is gonna say some sh1t about him that he is a wus or that he lost i think if everyone would take control of the situation
    By the way for those who kno me and my eclipse friend we raced agian today and i did wat u guys told me and i smoked him so thanks guys for the advice
  7. A little story about a street racing crash today on the nightly news tonight:
    Ricer in a Nissan was racing someone on a city street when he lost control and went into the waiting room of a clinic. At least 12 people hurt, including two women who had to have their legs amputated.


    This idiot is going to be sending his paychecks to the people he hurt for the rest of his life. CA will pull his license too, so it looks like the only "ride" he will be seen in is a city bus.

    Street racing is never a good idea. Even if you think it's a controlled environment (empty road, no side streets, etc) there's just too many variables to consider. Don't risk your life, the lives of others, your car, your money, and your freedom- keep it on the track.
  8. Only $15 for me to race unlimited times at the track between 5pm and 1am on Fridays. Waiting to install pully before the next run.
  9. yeah troof OX us19>shinshine for tracktion. i understand how some people view streetracing as bad end of story but as ox said EVERY member here as street raced in some form or another and if you disagree fine you may lie to use...but we know....we know. i do race, not in the last month because my rearends been pretty fuccked...thanks OX, J/K way ta smoke the eclipse black. as for the legality i shall quote a great moron who once said "It's only illigal if you get caught"
  10. 20 bucks a shot ta race at OX's and mine local track boo
  11. Engage47-

    Your posts make my head hurt! I'm wondering if Flavor Flav owns two Mustangs...:D

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  12. ??? what ya mean????
  13. Driving:
    / \
    | |
    \_/ \_/
    racing into a wall:
    / |
    | |
    \___/¯\_| looks painful. Cept I'll still do a 0-60 run. Had some guy in a Lightning gun it today, those trucks are :drool: with that wonderful blower squeel. He didn't even try but the truck was still cool lol.
  14. but dood!!!!!!!!! YO that grill's got mad flow!!!!!! hey if he does im sure he always knows what time it is
  15. stupid forums took out the spaces =(. it looked like a cheapmobile, but best my "artistic" skills can do.
  16. i still dunt know why everyone disses on the street racers....DUDE!!!!!!! UM my thred....UM were talking UM here peeps in MY thred im way kewl now!!!!!!
  17. Being a street racer I don't think is great, but the random kills are fun. But going over 80 I would condone, traffic conditions I am very against. The "run" with the Lightning (he probably thought I was a 4.6 cause it does not sound stock with my rusted out muffler) was up to 70 in a 55, he cut off about the same time I did and I gave him a nod and a "nice truck" to him.
  18. Yea, they say unlimited...but on a normal night you're lucky to get what...4 runs? :shrug:

    I'm against street racing, but I can see how tracks don't always present the total solution.
  19. I go as soon as the gates open, because no one is racing. I can make a pass, come back around and make another without waiting. About 6:30-7pm it starts to pick up some, and by 8 it'll be packed.
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