Street racing?!?!?

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  1. I have raced on Ohio Valley Dragway 1/8th mile. 20 a night and all the fun you can have. Back when I was in Highschool we used to street race, I had a 1986 Buick GN and it was a nice car. I was suppose to race a buddy in his stang but his brother wanted to race him first. Well about fifty feet from the start my buddies stang's front right wheel came free from the car - rotor and all and the car took a hard right into his brothers drivers side door. He ended up killing his brother, he is still in Jackson State Penetentary in Michigan. 20 years for Vehicular Manslaughter and his parents dis-owned him and treat him as if he is dead.

    I never understood why they did that until I became a father myself. Now I set the example for my son by taking him to the track with me and showing him the proper way to race.

    I am not judging anyone in this thread, I am just adding my .02
  2. Ack, yeah that's not cool. I remember when my uncle would always take me to the track when I went up to Michigan, but racing was his career. He loved it, made alot of money, and is basically retired. But if you think about it, something like the wheel breaking loose and the car sliding off can also happen at a track. Plus since some tracks are more geared for slicks, street tires don't grip as well so traction is harder. My poor car was slipping on every shift, but I know howto maintain control and keep it from sliding. And if the track isn't prepped good, really bad things can happen. It would be nice if someone built a cheap track for street applications, I might have to do that some day.
  3. theres a guy doin something like that in zephyrhills right now near my grandmas place, but the county is trying sooo hard to stop him too bad they can't hehehe he owns like 2 sqare miles of land thats tucked deep off a local road. it'll be an 1/8th for sure in 2 years but the quarter may take up to 5 to complete. no starting tree its gunna be 100% street style racing 3 nights a week and 4 days a week
  4. hey kiddiccarus where is that track at in ohio can u giv me directions because i donno any tracks around here cuz im new to usa :) From Bosnia if anyone is wondering
  5. It is in West Point Kentucky about 40 minutes south of Louisville, Ky
  6. its 20$ now! i thought it was 15$... either way, when the gf and i went with you last time it cost me 30$ cause the lady thought she was racing too:nonono:
  7. The 1/8th mile track here is $10 to enter the gate and $10 per car racing, so if you want to race it's $20 but they don't just flat out say it. The quarter mile track is $8 to spectate and $15 to race, plus it's alot nicer of a track and a LOT less ricers.
  8. lol street racing is done by everyone, and now the cops around here think renting the 1/8th track out on sat. nights will help cur it some....LOL
  9. no ox they charged you 20 to race and her 10 to watch :nice: but still prices are nutz, it doesnt seem like the guy i was lookin a tangle with desired ta show up....toooo baaaaad i had stats, sources and everythin

  10. Hey bro i'm from Bosnia now live in USA
    I live in Erie PA which is close to you, my favotite track is Thompson OH,+OH&tcountry=us&oerr=3013&terr=3013 60 miles from you , i hope i gonna see you there this year , PM me or AIM me if you need anything
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