Mach 1 Street Smart's Mach 1 cold air box

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 34Ford, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. I was at the 40th in Nashville over the weekend and a friend and I was walking thru the MANY vendors there. He pointed out a cold air box for a Mach 1 and I had to have it.
    In fact I installed it in the hotel parking lot so I would have it on during judging. :nice:
    More info can be found here.
    Street Smart Design

  2. Notice any differance in performance? I'm thinking about getting one also.
  3. Looks like a nice piece, seems like theres a glut of CAI coming to the market lately. Makin it hard to decide on a system.

    From the site...


  4. very nice
  5. I've been looking at that one also. Yes, how about a little info on your expierience with it. Does the car feel stronger? How's the fit and finish with the install? Also, did you get the fenderwell block off plate? Thanks for any info! :nice:
  6. Can I use my K&N filter with this setup or do I need to get the kit with the filter?
  7. The K&N that came with this cai is model number RF-1015.
    Here is the measurements on K&N's website.
    K&N link here
    Inside flange diameter is 4"
    7" in length tapered cone
    It uses a worm screw to hold it on.

    Do you know the model of yours?
  8. The street smart and pro-m combo with the 80mm MAF set off my check engine light, anyone else have that happen?
  9. You may have it resolved by now, but have you contacted MRT.

    Maybe disconnecting your battery.