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  1. I have a 97 GT and was wondering if i should do a straight pipe or just leave the catalytic alone..

    What are your guys thoughts on it?
  2. What are your goals? Do you live anywhere where they do emission testing? I personally prefer an offroad X pipe with Borla Stinger type mufflers on a mod motor.
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  3. Oh yeah that's what i forgot to say yeah no smog here, i just want it to be louder i guess is the easiest way to put it, i already put on a set of flowmaster super 44s not wanting to put loads of money in it...
  4. Removing the cats will cause you to lose a little low end but gain in the mid and upper range. Well worth it. Get a set of gears to make up fir the low end loss
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  5. I had a friend tell me something similar once....and he came back with straight pipes from the manifolds back, no H or X pipe, and no mufflers. It sounded so bad, I thought I needed to end up in the ER from laughing too hard.

    With that said......if you are going to get an off-road x or h pipe, I think you will be fine with the 44s. I have had several exhaust setups, some good, some bad. The biggest thing is finding the sound YOU want. You can search the web and find 1000's of exhaust clips. None sound the same, but eventually, you will find what you like and go with it. Every slight change, changes the entire tone of your exhaust.

    It is up to you, and your taste! Be your own.....
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  6. When you say straight pipes I assume you mean keeping the mufflers and removing the cats just to clarify
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  7. Correct, also whats the difference between the x or h pipe and does that go after the cats?
  8. The crossing comes after the cats. I strongly recommend a upr x pipe or vrs x pipe. The difference between the two is miniscule. The h pipe helps more with low to mid range power and gives u more of a muscle car sound where the x helps mid to high range and gives a slightly more exotic sound. This is all speculation as far as sound goes as I have never been able to hear much of a difference between the two. Back when I was stock-ish I ran the upr pipe. It fits like a glove and everyone swore my car had longtubes at the time when in fact they were stock manifolds.
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  9. Definitely get rid of the cats. X-pipes scream at WOT but H-pipes give a lower rumble muscle car tone. There is no performance difference between the two, just sound.

    Here's my car (old setup) with MAC catless H pipe and MAC mufflers

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  10. Cant hear $hit over that blower LOL jk!
  11. LOL that vid is pretty old. No blower yet
  12. Sounded like I could hear a little whine? Hmmm, maybe its just your $hitty audio :) JK
  13. LOL could be. It was shot with a pretty :poo:ty cam
  14. What lowering springs are u running nightfire?
  15. Still haven't gotten around to doing it, But putting it next on my list, so whats a good brand that you recommend? I want to go with the H pipe..

    Only found BBK so far, also someone told me may be cheaper to just have a custom one built?

    Pic i took under the car: 28qnuHv.jpg
  16. removing the catalytic will not make a huge difference in sound but weither or not you have a stock pipe. what matters is if you have an H pipe (stock with mustang) or X pipe. i personally like the X pipes because of the loudness. super 44's arn't so great in my opinion. go for the loudmouth 2's or the cherry bomb extremes.
  17. When you do a Offroad mid-pipe on the 94-98 will you get any lights on your cluster, check engine light etc? If so is there anything you can do with the o2 sensors, to turn the light off?
  18. Damn how did I not see this lol

    H&R SS no iso's :nice:
  19. Yes, you will throw a code. You have 2 options......get MIL eliminators to plug into the 02 ports or use a tuner (like SCT) to turn off the codes.
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  20. Cats make all the difference in the world when it comes to sound volume, especially on the 96-98 cars which came with 6 cats :crazy: