Stright Pipe

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  1. MAC! The video I posted above is with a cat-less MAC H-pipe
  2. just from my experience with straight pipes, they didn't make much of a difference
  3. Ahh ok ill look into that thanks!!


    in the red is that the 6th cats?
  4. Yup
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  5. In sound? When I swapped my stock H for the O/R H my car got noticeably louder :shrug:
  6. Would this work for the GT? HERE
  7. I thought 4 of them are resonators and only 2 were cats?

    If not, which ones do I remove in order to maintain emissions? I wanna keep mine legal...

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  8. That should work fine.

    I suppose that you could any one of them.

    Food for could remove all stock mid-pipe and keep it, reinstalling it for the emissions test. Also remember that emissions testing is done via the OBD2, not the sniffer. As long as your SES light is off, it should pass. Mine has passed the last 3 years with no cats whatsoever (and they are strict here in TX).
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  9. Where in tx are you? Im in houston, well humble actually...last time I got my truck inspected they used a sniffer and its a 99, my mustang is a 96...I just wanna make sure to pass, dont wanna have to swap everything once a year...

    I guess what I'm saying is...teach me your ways..

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  10. According to TxDPS, all vehicles 1996 or newer require the OBD2 test and all vehicles 1995 or older require the ASM/TSI (sniffer) test.

    I would call around and ask what method they would use for your specific vehicle. They SHOULD be using the OBD2 test.
  11. yup, in sound
  12. I went with a o/r x and Mac Pro dumps...sounds good! American muscle sells them for like 250 for a 79-93 it says. But it bolted perfectly fine on my 2000 so you wouldn't have problems. I was only worried about back pressure with a straight pipe. I did fire it up for a bit with just my xpipe and good lord was it loud!! Haha so I'm assuming straight pipes would be just about the same...way too loud for a street car.
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