Strip/street Auto Trans??

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  1. Well, I've kinda ran in a circle about the direction of building my car. Initially planned on a 427-TKO setup but am really starting to want a turbo-363 build. Haven't spent any $ towards either yet. Still in the saving stage and driving the s hit out of it. Lol. But what auto setup,cost,convertor,company would anybody recommend. Have never done an automatic before. I've always had stick cars but with a turbo there's no point. I also have a 255lph high press pump. Would it be sufficient to 6-700hp turbo'd engine? I'm still setting up the rear chassis and brakes(teamZ-ssbc). Also how is the easiest way to post pics for a future build thread? I'm not the most computer literate unfortunately. Thanks
  2. Depends on your love to shift bang those gears. I would borrow a friends car and see if you keep reaching for the auto stick. For me, if I cannot conttrol the speed, feathering the clutch or just cruise around and hit'em, I would hate it. To me that is where the fun is IMO.
    You could put in a 3.27 rear gear in the manual to make it last longer:shrug:
  3. I cant wait to put a Freddy Brown AOD in my 363 Turbo car. The problem is a all in FB AOD is about abut 6-7K I will recoupe some of that selling the T56 in the car now but I will still need to drop about 3-4k

    Turbos love autos keep the load on the turbo which keeps the boost up.


    Do the 427 with a strong 5 or 6 speed and spin that whore 6500 rpm +
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  4. I've got 3.73 gears in the rear and the usual bolt ons including some giggle gas. It'll run bottom 12's right now. I've just never done a forced induction-auto build. Kinda curious about doing it and going for high 9's. but I am worried about going away from a manual. I love bang'n gears:shrug: just daydreaming which way to go. And fast is fast! Wow 6-7k? Almost 1/3 more than a good TKO build! I never would have thought that. I figured 3k out the door done. Holly crap!!
  5. Wheeeew weee, while you're spending that "just won the lotto cash", I'll take a 347 in a Boss block, I'll top if off with some P-heads I got layin' around :cool: ...I hear they're in the 9's now.
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  6. Personally Transmission Soecialties c4 with a Trans brake and a 8" converter would be the ticket. You would be into it less than 3 grand and it will hold up t your 9second torture. Step above that would be a t/h 400 but add several hundred dollars and more weight onto your build. Either is a great choice IMHO.
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  7. I have thought c4 but my car is a street toy so I want OD
  8. so keep the T56!
  9. Nah take a ride in a well built auto turbo car then report back
  10. I would think you would have a hard time keeping the input shaft in one piece with a c4. Yours with a t/h 400 =bada$$ :D
  11. Oh I completely understand the auto vs manual delio, I was just saying since yours is a street toy not drag car, its gotta be more fun with the stick no?
  12. Grover your car is sic! Exactly what I'm thinking about building. Copying is the highest form of flattery. Right? Lol
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  13. Thanks, If I could go back and redo it since I dont race the car a big cube hi RPM 427 is what I would do.
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  14. I'm just fascinated with a turbo build at the moment. I still might do the 427. It'll be one or the other with the megasquirt PnP standalone. Weighing each option for fun factor on which one I will enjoy more. Either way will accomplish what I want.
  15. Have fun, bring loads of money.
  16. Yeah that's the downside right? But you have to pay to play. Lol. Been saving for 2 years. Youngest kid graduates in may so project doesn't start in earnest until then. Ill decide which direction by then. I'd like to make a build thread when it starts
  17. Freddy Brown AOD and call it a day.
  18. ^^^ Isn't this the truth....
  19. In the first post, you asked if a 255 lph pump would support 6-700 hp...

    No, not even close. I just bought a 405 lph pump and it's going to be in it's upper limits at 700ish
  20. General rule of thumb is 1hp needs .5lbs per fuel. Per Aeromotive....

    You may use the following information as a guideline, however these are simply observations. The best, and our recommended, method of establishing actual BSFC is through proper flywheel dyno testing.
    · Naturally aspirated engines are normally most efficient with a BSFC between .4 and .5 lbs/hp/hr.
    · Nitrous combinations use a little extra fuel and often develop a BSFC from .5 to .6 lbs/hp/hr.
    · Forced induction engines are usually least efficient and BSFC ranges from .6 to .75 lbs/hp/hr.

    Using 650 HP, let’s figure the fuel requirement for the most vs. the least efficient engine combination.
    · 650 HP multiplied by a .4 BSFC equals 260 lbs of gasoline.
    · 650 HP multiplied by a .75 BSFC equals 487 lbs of gasoline.

    As you can see, the amount of fuel required to support two different engines, each making the identical amount of HP but with very different fuel efficiencies, virtually doubles the volume of fuel required!

    Note: It is equally important to consider BSFC when determining minimum injector size. To calculate, divide the lbs of gasoline required by the number of injectors used. If you are estimating, it pays to be safe. Many engine builders will add a percentage to total fuel pump volume for safety and then divide the minimum injector by .8 in order to target about 80% injector duty cycle. This allows consistent injector performance, cooler operation for enhanced durability and leaves about 10% for unexpected power.

    For example:
    · 650HPx.4 = 260lbs. 260lbs/8 injectors=33lbs/hr. 33/.8=41lb/hr injector @ 80% duty cycle.
    · 650HPx.75=487lbs. 487lbs/8 injectors=61lbs/hr. 61/.8=76lbs/hr injector @ 80% duty cycle.
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