Strip/street Auto Trans??

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  1. Yes, but how does the lbs of gasoline needed equate to liters per hour capacity pump?
  2. ^^ :lol: what he said! I don't know the math to determine that. I blame:canada: damn metric systemo_O or that I'm stupid. Couldn't be that:scratch:
  3. Umm thanks? I'm with you. Still confused. I guess maybe the A1000 pump and not worry?
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  4. Weldon1.jpg


    Edit, actually that pump is so damn loud I would advise against it for a street car.
  5. Is that what you're running Grover?
  6. yes its a weldon 2035 and it is loud as balls.
  7. Mine is loud too! Even with the step down controller. Had to switch to the 2345 and that is even worse :( will be working with the guys from aeromotive on an alternative for my setup over the winter.
  8. Has anybody ran a "fuel labs" digital pump. BBRC has one that I was going to call about
  9. If you don't want to run a sumped tank or fuel cell, you'll need an in tank pump like your 255. Plus those externals are $$$$$$