Stripe Frustration

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  1. Hi all,

    First off, mods, if this is in the wrong subforum, please fix and accept my apologies.

    Maybe it's me not understanding why, but every quote I'm getting from local paint/body/detail shops to put on vinyl stripes (bumper to bumper and rocker) on my GT are ranging from $900-$1200. Is this normal? It just seems absurd to me that I can buy the stripes from AM for $250ish and so am paying $800+ for an hour (if that) of labor to apply the stripes. I'd do them myself but all I hear from people is "oh noez! bubbles!" and to get it done professionally. Hell, for another $800 I can order 3 more sets, screw up twice, and do my friend's car as well.

    Am I off here base here? Maybe it's because I'm in Los Angeles and people feel like they can charge whatever they want. I don't know. It's getting rather frustrating at the point. Any thoughts?
  2. Try a company called Signarama. I see that there are some in L.A. I live in Lakeland, Fl, and they quoted me $265.00 plus tax - and that's if they supply the stripes.
  3. Well, this is better than what I've been hearing. They estimated about $500 for stripes and install.
  4. Do it your self. Just get you a spray bottle and fill it with soapy water and spray "soak" the area you are putting the stripes on. Apply the stripe and since you sprayed the car with soapy water you will be able to slide and move the stripe around where ever you want it to line it up. Take a plastic spreader and smooth the stripe out squeezing out the air bubbles. Let it dry a couple minutes and pull the outside paper off. Go back and squeeze the remaing few bubbles out carefully with the spreader and your done. I work in a body shop and do theses all the time. Theres actually not much to it. Pretty simple.
  5. I usually only charge around 150.00 to do these on the side. I cant believe they are trying to charge you that much.
  6. i've strongly considered doing it myself. Though, I can't seem to get a damn screen protector on my phone without bubbles. I'm better with a wrench than a squeegee.
  7. My buddy did his own - they looked factory. Just take your time and go slow. It's really not that difficult.
  8. I found someone who does it. Looks like a distant cousin does body restoration and flips cars for a living. saw some of his work and it looks real clean.