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  1. I just recently got a 2005 screaming yellow mustang. It is the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I am torn though. I am think about getting black stripes put on. I would prefere the my dealership do it. I called them yesterday with my situation. They informed me that they the 10inch stripe kit. I would only want the stripes if they go past the hood and down the front bumper. What are the different thickneses of the stripe and are there different kits with different patterns?
  2. Ill be really surprised if they do the work themselves and dont sub it out to a local company. I dont know that Ford would do it bumper-bumper, Ive only seen them do hood-trunk lid. Any actual company should be able to cut vinyl to fit any pattern you want. Any actual painter company should be able to do the same.

    if you just want a reference point.
  3. Look for a good graphics company. I live in a small community, city has 10,000 people, and a guy here could do it for a reasonable price and with excellent quality.
    There are good graphics shops out there. Ask to see some of their customers' work first. A dealer will charge you two to three times what you can get it done for elsewhere.
  4. Nothing looks better on a screaming yellow stang than old-school black Boss stripes.