striping ?

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  1. ive seen some of you guys have stripes that run bumper to bumper. my car came with it only on the hood and truck. are your vinyl like mine or painted? either way how much did it cost to do it?
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  3. A lot of the people had their stripes painted because of the difficulty of stretching the tape on the compound angles on the bumpers & still keeping them straight
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    Youll probably have better results in the GT forums as well. Ive seen people paying 450-600 for vinyl and as much as 1200 for a paint job. Ive also see it as cheap as 450, and i think the average is around 6-700. It really depends on if you want it cleand off and sand blasted down, clear coated, pained ontop.. hard to give an estimate. Prices also vary GREATLY from different parts of the country.