Stripping '98 Cobra for '68 Mustang Build...

Cool Beans

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Aug 2, 2014
Believe it or not, this all started a couple months ago when I decided I just wanted to upgrade to a simple roller 302 so I would have an engine that didn't smoke or puke original 289 is tired, lol.

I can find a lot of big picture information, and a lot of people that have done this type of conversion, but I'm not finding many specific's on what harnesses I need to strip from the car. It's possible I just stink at Googlin'. So far I have the engine pulled and left it's harness attached. I have pulled the passenger side engine compartment harness and computer and whatever brain boxes were behind the fender (ABS?). I've pulled the drivers side harness, power box, battery cables, cruise control box...and have pushed the bulkhead connectors back into the passenger compartment. What more do I need to pull? I know I need to grab the OBDII data port and whatever it plugs into. I'm pretty sure I don't need the instrument cluster. There is a fuse block under there and wrist sized bundles of wire. Should I just pull the dash and grab it all for now?

In the end I'm shooting for:
1) Have a running, stock (for now) 4.6l DOHC and T45.
2) If I could rout the brake lines, I would like to set up the ABS system. I want to use the 8.8 and I'm using the AJE Colt 65 kit so I can use all the SN-95 stuff on my doner car so I'll have the tone rings.
3) Might as well try and set up cruise control with a custom button pad on the dash.
4) Have air conditioning.

Help? LoL!
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Aug 14, 2009
Houston Texas
I can only give very general advice based upon my experience with modern cars.

Regarding the ODB2 port. I would say yes if you ever intend to work or trouble shoot the car in the future. IMO it's impossible to effectively work on an ODB2 capable car without a working ODB2 port.

Regarding the module in the front right hand fender well. That is the CCRM and you will need it as it controls power to various systems in the car such as the PCM, fuel pump, cooling fan, and AC clutch.

Regarding if you will need a cluster or not. Many people don't really realize just how much of the car's sub systems are also controlled by the PCM. A search of the forums will find people that have attempted to transplant a motor and PCM into a different application and found that seeming unrelated things didn't work.

You may want to consider getting yourself a full set of Factory Ford wiring diagrams. Could be real useful when deciding where everything goes after tearing apart a wiring harness. This project could require a lot of electrical trouble shooting skill.

If this were my project I would at least research using a stand alone engine management system.

Cool Beans

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Aug 2, 2014
Yeah, I kind of ran into that with my old truck...seemingly unrelated things relied on other unrelated things for part of the signal that drove the function in the computer...

IF...IF...I didn't try and install anything but the engine, I can reflash the computer and cut down the harness so it needs only power, keyed power, and a ground. ABS looks like it has it's own brain box. Do you have any links on where to get factory wiring diagrams? That, and it might be worth talking to a tuner who will flash my 'puter and see what they can do. I've run into a few stand alone systems, might be worth it is if it hassle free lol
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