stroker kit for 86-87 turbocoupe 2.3l????

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  1. i have found a 2.3l stroker kit but it says must have a 92' or later block. is there a stroker kit for a 86-87 2.3l turbo motor ????
    thanks for any help.
  2. not that i am aware of, you CAN make a 2.3 into a 2.5 iusing the small journal blocks (92&up) i do believe you can also use 5.7" chevy rods to increase the stroke a little but the amount you might gain would not be as cost effective as say a turbo upgrade or Head porting would be.

  3. yea..i didn't think that they had a kit around.....but it dosen't hurt to ask. maybe i could find a 92' or so block tap an oil line for the turbo....then go from there?? who knows..haha...thanks for the help.
  4. They make bearing spacers that let you use the later 2.5L crank in the older block.
  5. thats you have any info on where i can find the spacers??
  6. Do you care to explain why you are considering doing this?
  7. as far as i know....stroking an engine increase torque. my 2.3l wouldn't mind having some more of it. are you saying it's not worth it?? or just a simple "why would you do it?"
  8. You could buy a racer walsh stroker kit.
    Also people do use the 5.7" chevy rods but not for a stroker. Its common(in the mini stock...unstreetable world) to use 5.7 chevy rods and turn the crank to match the journal, then buy an aftermarket piston for that rod in that engine. You still end up with a 2.3 but it will rev quicker. I don't see being able to build a budget stroker out of a 2.3.(I'm doing a 393 for $500 :nice: )
    No matter what you do.....I've never seen an all motor 2.3 make over 250 horsepower that wasn't 14.1 compression and less than 9000rpm.
    So don't have your hopes too high.

    So im saying you'll notice more with with simple stuff. Porting, intake, exhaust.
  9. Explain...I need details :)
  10. "Worth" is something I can't decide for's most certainly not the cheapest or easiest way to get torque (and HP) out of your engine though...

    If you don't want a turbo though, I think you are out of luck.

  11. i have turbo...but i wanted to stroke it out. anything helps.....but as 351wcoupe would be that i don't like.
  12. The stroker kits cost a few bux and I wouldn't do it unless I was doing a full rebuild and needed a crank. Then it would be worth spending that kind of cash on it. Someone did the math once on a 2.3T stroked to a 2.5T that would only add right at 15hp. Now to me thats a lot of power but not worth doing on a good motor unless I was making some money racing a few ricers or something ;)
  13. 351wEFI complete(locked up) $75 then sold the oil pan, exhaust manifolds, and motor mounts or $100 So I'm up $25.
    locked up roller 302 from 89 mustang. Free. Turned out to have .030 over TRW forged flat tops. :banana: All I needed was pistons and stock ones would work fine.
    aftermarket crank with correct stroke. $275. so I'm at $250.
    400M (has a cleveland style head, huge canted valves but needs cube to work on the street) Free. I'm adapting these heads to fit a 351w. and making an adapter to use a 351w intake.
    quick overview....
    351w w/ aftermarket crank, stock rods, stock 302 pistons, stock cleveland style heads. turns out to be a 393 cube 475hp all motor small block that has incredible torque.

    I could have also turned the stock 400M crank down and use a Chrylser 6 cylinder rod and get 416 cubic inches. The cost of the machining was too close to the aftermarket crank.
  14. :scratch:
  15. ahh yeah i have heard of those kits that use the different stroke crank with 5.0 much difference is there in in the compression height? how reliable is it? that way would be quite a bit cheaper than getting a 396 or 408 kit i would imagine
  16. sorry absolutely nothing to do with a have them too. :nice:
  17. little too tired to remember the piston specs. We've been aggrevated at a Cleveland all night. I would assume everything would be reliable. I'll get you some better info tomorrow.
    I forgot to mention that with the cleveland-style heads you have to notch the pistons a tremendous amount. This being the case I'll probably E-bay the 302 pistons I have and buy the 302 clevor pistons.
  18. any special reason you chose to take the "Clevor" route?
  19. NP.

    I was really wondering how do you make more Hp than a 427, 428, and a 429 with J/Y parts and a so called crank that a machine shop wants to charge you more to work on it? When I mean more 479hp is 109 hp more than a 70' 429 boss mustang. Do you got any links to show where a 351M came with canted valves or even a 4 barrel carb? Most of the 351m/351w/302's where two barrels making them crapy heads to be useless since the runners are pretty small. Also can a 351m head bolt on to a 351w? As an exspample only; I know a 351w is basicaly a 302 which you can't bolt a 351c on to either one unless you got some real money on you. That is because of the way they both pass water in different ways and the intakes that allow a 351c head on a 302/351w is VERY rare. (thus the 302 boss mustang)

    I really would like some links so I could double check all this crap I rattled on about. There are kits on the net to make a 393ci sbf w/465 hp but using aftermarket heads / Cam and a few other things but nothing so fair making that kinda power on stock 351m heads/ stock Cam.
  20. the 70 boss 429 mustang was WAY under rated...

    food for thought.