stroker kit for 86-87 turbocoupe 2.3l????

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  1. just got back from the track and there was a 70 429 mustang that was stock except for slicks and it pulled both wheels up and ran 8.21 om the 1/8th

    I don't know of any 351M that were 4 barrel. The heads are definately canted valves(I'm looking at them) The big difference in these and the cleveland heads is these have an open chamber w/ 76CC and some clevelands have a 67CC closed chamber head.
  2. I don't get it at all, your making 475hp using: Stock heads with 76cc open chambers, 89' 5.0 cam, 302 .030 pistons, aftermarket stroker crank, 351w block/393, and stock rods :scratch:

    The 69-73 351 ( not sure whether C,M or W) made anywhere from 250-330 hp depending on stuff like a 2 or 4 carb and heads etc. Your crank and 89' cam added anywhere from 145hp to 225hp over a 69-73' 351 :shrug:
  3. the 69 351 Cleveland w/ 4 barrel heads that is sitting in my garage made 330hp stock.
    Yep stock open chambered head. (I'm basing the numbers from the MR gasket engine simulator) and I'm using the actual flow numbers for those cylinder heads. I'm not using the 89 302 cam but I intended on using that engine for the pistons. Instead I'm gong to just use it for a roller conversion it out and buy the "302 Boss style" pistons and sell whatever is left. The cam is a 351W roller cam I bought on ebay for $41 a while back.(They spelled it 351 winsler") Everyone I've talked to who has already done this said not to use a cam with more than .500" lift.
    The difference in power is long rod/short piston, less rotating mass, and a little more rpm.
    A friend of mine has a 351 Clevor that pulled 561hp @7100 so theres hope for me.

    By the way I finally got around to checking out the pics of the SVO. It looks great.
  4. Will good luck on it but I would really research what your friend has in his 351C. I'm willing to bet he has more than J/Y parts making that 561hp. Its been my experience that it takes a lot of money to get a early carbed SMF N/A to make 300+hp without some money into it. That is why I always choose SBC since they made so many parts that could be used to make pretty good power. I had a friend make 500+ hp using stock SBC Camel hump 461 casting heads. It took a lot of work to cut them out to 2.02 valves and porting but they flowed 500+ hp. That motor powered a 63' Chevy truck through the 1/4 at 13.7 @96 mph, then it was sold and install into a chevy II that then ran 11.90 in the 1/4.