Strut Rod Bracket And Anti Sway Bracket Measurements

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  1. Replaced front frame but need measurement for strut rod bracket and anti sway bracket. Can someone help me with pic and measurement. Thanks.
  2. i have a pic .i can get you some measurements tomorrow IMG_2272.JPG
  3. Thanks.that would help with the measurements. Exactly what I need.
  4. all measurements will be from the front crossmember and from the outer edge of the bottom of the frame rail
    starting with the sway bar bracket ,because it will weld in first. from the end of the cross brace below the radiator support to the back edge of the sway bar bracket is 17 1/2 inches . the side is self positioning .
    from the front of the cross brace again on the radius rod bracket to the end is 13 inches. at the front of the radius bracket it is 9 1/8 inches from the side of the frame rail . from the side of the frame rail to the rear of the radius bracket is 7/8 of an inch. measurements will be the same for both sides. this car has never been wrecked so i know they are correct measurements .good luck _MG_4024.JPG _MG_4025.JPG _MG_4026.JPG _MG_4027.JPG _MG_4028.JPG
  5. Thank you so much.. best example. Gotta get to work on it.
  6. Hey. I bought a anti sway bar bracket from mustang unlimited. The two holes do not match up. Should I be worried. I measured and I am a half inch off. Should I be worried
  7. the bracket for the bar and bushing or the bracket that welds to the frame?
  8. The bracket that is welded on.
  9. you could slot the holes , but it shouldn't hurt any thing as long as the sway bar doesn't hit any thing .did you get the radius rod in the correct position?
  10. Havent welded any thing in yet. Just checkin my measurement. Will tomorrow. Thanks.
  11. the sway bar bracket will not be a problem you can slot the holes ,but make sure the radius rod bracket is correct