Strut Tower Brace

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  1. SR Performance STB-05-BK?
    Ford Racing Boss 302 Strut Tower Brace?

    Leaning towards the Ford Racing....
  2. Either has pros and cons. The SR is an eight bolt mounted design, which will resist shifting around more than the four bolt Ford piece. However, that will require a front end alignment, and the overall construction of the Ford will be more rigid and resist flexing. I'd say they're pretty much equal, but I'll personally always be inclined to choose FRPP over any other brand. My bias aside, I'd go SR simply because it is more attractive.
  3. I'd be inclined to call them equal on the performance front.

    I think the FRPP brace would look at home atop a stock engine. If you have some aftermarket chrome/painted pieces, then the SR brace might look better.
  4. Neither. Unless the strut tower brace triangulates with the firewall like the STB on a stock SN95 GT, it's only useful for wasting precious underhood space and for lightening your wallet.
    The SR Performance is the better of the two while the Ford Racing version is definitely a waste of space.
  5. I disagree. While neither of these braces triangulate, that isn't to say they aren't without merit. They do tie the strut towers together and a triangulated brace would require welding to be effective. There's always a "bigger, better" step up in performance, it just depends on budget compared to how badly you need or want it.
  6. I too disagree. Ford puts them on newer models, I'm sure for a purpose...

    Keep in mind, I have a ragtop, not a coupe. I feel every undulation in the road and can feel the flexibility of the car w/out a roof and a&c-pillars tying it all together.

    I'm sure when I put the brace on I'm going to notice some difference.
  7. Any extra bracing is going to help in a convertible including a STB.

    Wouldn't a regular brace between the strut towers also require welding to be effective?
    I still believe that the strut tower braces used on many cars are there mainly for the "bling factor" and merely create the illusion that they're actually doing something. There are exceptions of course.
  8. Welding will always make chassis stiffeners more rigid and strong. I was referring to the firewall mounting location on my car. I can't speak for your car or a S95, but on my '06 there just isn't anywhere to bolt a brace...I think it would HAVE to be welded to the firewall.
  9. In case you hadn't noticed my car is also an '06. ;)
    The SN95 GTs came from the factory with a triangular STB that was bolted to both strut towers and the firewall. Ford probably decided that the S197 GT didn't need one in the first place 'cause the chassis is much stiffer, and the S197 doesn't need subframe connectors either.
  10. Ford may think so but subframe connectors, strut tower brace and a chassis brace are definitely on my to do list! If I swerve or corner hard, I can hear the car twist and flex.
  11. Yeah, some extra bracing ceratinly wouldn't hurt but I'd suggest that any add-ons are welded in place so that they become integrated with the structure of the platform. Bolting things on might help in the short term but the bolt holes will always be slightly bigger than the bolts so the structure won't be quite as rigid when it's subjected to stretching/twisting/bending forces.
  12. Here to report that the FR TB makes a huge difference in the ragtop. I put it on Thursday night and took it for a cruise through the old bumpy winding back roads of horse farm country here in New Hampshire. Huge difference!

    I was at a stang cruise night last week and a guy had a 2011 with a glass roof and stated that the FR brace came stock on the car. Also the guy I bought my car from has a 2014 Ragtop and his has a Boss strut tower brace stock from the factory. So I guess Ford knows they do some good.
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  13. Good to hear about the positive difference!

    While welded in pieces would be more rigid, keep in mind that Ford needs to make cars for everyone who may be a potential customer. By bolting in the STB, not welding it in, they cut down on some of the rigidity but, also won't alienate potential buyers because of a "harsh" ride.

    Don't forget the SN-95 and the S-197 chassis' are completely different, and what necessarily works on one may not work the same on the other.
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  14. A welded brace can get in the way during a major engine service event. I have the ford bolt on brace and it helps the vert a lot.
  15. I think the real reason why the STB is bolted on rather than welded is to allow the engine (or even just the intake manifold) to be removed from the top. Otherwise you'd have to remove the K-member and pull the engine out from underneath.
  16. Definitely looking into this myself! Thanks for the confirmation!